Thursday, October 08, 2009

Time For a Change

We are a couple of months into the school year and it has become a drudgery to the both the children and myself. We have grown weary of text-books and it is my own fault, for I allowed myself to be led - not by the heart - but by expectations other than my own. This is not the ideal learning environment, nor education, that I envision for my children.
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Fortunately, tomorrow offers a new day full of possibilities!

It is my desire to create an atmosphere of joy; to allow my children to learn naturally and at their own pace; to become intimate friends with nature, good literature, music, and movies. I wish to expand their world with art, poetry, explorations, and travels as we are able and help them meet their goals. I am not their teacher, but a facilitator, as well as a fellow traveler on this journey of living, learning, and maintaining a sense of wonder about this beautiful world we live in and in life!
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So many children and adults have dull eyes and deadened senses. Life is a continuous race to get here or there, to check off another thing on their to do list, to get the latest, biggest, fastest....whatever it is that they believe will make them whole, popular, prettier, or secure. They live their lives unconsciously and in the end find they haven't really lived at all.

Our focus from this point on will be to partake in a "living education". A living eduication is defined by me as free flowing learning. Children are innately curious and are full of questions. I do not believe it is possible to not learn. I know I learn something new every day.
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I am raising my children to think for themselves, rather than blindly following along with the status quo. I want them to be independent, confident, capable decision-makers with the ability to handle whatever comes their way. How? By allowing them to make decisions and think for themselves. That is something that is not allowed in public schools for you are told what to do and how to do it. Perfect training for following society's norms quietly, without questioning or causing a scene like little sheep headed to slaughter. Oh, how blind we've become!

This month we are learning about the human body, birds, Creek Indians, home, seals, turtles, and Halloween. Our booklist consists of books gathered from the library:
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As Summer has faded into Autumn, so we have chosen to change course - to pursue a life of beauty and joy. Living and learning together.


Missy said...

Sounds wonderful! I remember when I homeschooled, I would slide into that same situation..trying to live up to other people's "ideals" of what and when my children should be learning things....I think it happens to us all at times, but isn't it terrific to realize it and get back on the real path..the reason we chose to lead our children at home instead!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Ohhh what precious illustrations! I might just have to *abscond* with a couple. ,-) I'll link them back to your blog of course.

I've had no experience with home schooling but have seen that many mothers do/have done it. More and more, with the present times, I think.

But I've also seen disturbing things about how, a home schooling Mom is government mandated to teach certain things, or use a certain curriculum or something... Have you had experience with this?

Tracy said...

I have heard of such things, Aunt Amelia, but have not personally dealt with such issues myself - nor would I want to. ;)

sarah haliwell said...

It seems you have reached a place many homeschooling mothers come to, appreciating how education REALLY works. I am happy that you have found peace of mind and I look forward to reading about how it all goes.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

You asked me to share some of my Simplicity blog links. I'm happy to do so! They aren't all, for everyone, all the time, of course. But I can get some inspiration, SOME of the time.

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Sandcastle Momma said...

We're having the same problem here and like you I'm trying new things. Keep us posted on how things are working for you - it sounds like the perfect plan for learning and living.

Laurie said...

Dear Tracy,
Wow, I am always in awe over you mom's that homeschool. It is just something I don't think I could have done. My two boys both had speech problems and my oldest hearing as well and had to be taught sign language. I don't think that is something I would have been up to ~
I really like the subjects you will be exploring!