Saturday, October 10, 2009

Project Romance: 20 Ways to Reignite the Spark

1. Have home-duties completed and stay off the computer when your husband is home.
2. Admire him: look for things you love about him - his big muscles, strong hands, his Mr. Fix-It skills, etc.
3. Appreciate him: thank him for the job he does to provide for his family; look for more things
4. Bless him: prepare his favorite meal or dessert; give him a back massage, etc.
5. Embrace him and look into his eyes
6. Hold hands - often
7. Welcome intimacy
8. Whisper sweet nothings in his ear
9. Pray for him
10. Listen to his dreams, hopes, and fears
11. Look pretty for him
12. Be grateful for what he can provide and ask not for more
13. Wear a sweet smile for him
14. Go to bed when he does (lights out) and cuddle
15. Send him off to work with a good lunch, a kiss, and a smile
16. Upon his return, meet him at the door...happy to see him
17. Share with him what's on your mind
18. Share your day with him so he feels part of the family rather than merely a paycheck
19. Love him always
20. Believe in him - even when he doesn't believe in himself

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Jenn@Spejory said...

I love this list! The one thing my husband wants most is that I am happy when he comes home. The house can be a wreck, the boys screaming, and dinner not even planned yet, and he won't care about any of it if I have a smile for him. He's awesome!