Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I was up early this morning - at 4:40AM. I couldn't go back to sleep so I took the dogs out to potty, washed last night's dishes, and made Alfred coffee and a scambled egg sandwich on toasted bread with mayo, cheese, salt and pepper. His alarm clock went off at 5:30AM but he didn't get up, so I was able to surprise him with breakfast! He said he could get used to that. *smile* I've never been much of a morning person - but I am working on it.
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We enjoyed each other's company as we watched the morning news. Then he had to get ready for work and I packed his lunch (leftover chili topped with cheese and crackers) and I threw his uniforms in the washer to wash. I walked him out to the car and hosed it off with water so the windows would be frost free and clear for his drive to work.
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No school work for the kids today so I will clean house, figure out something tasty for dinner and will try to make Cowboy Cookies.
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What are you doing in your homemaking today?


cathleen said...

Good Morning, Tracy! Four o'clock was just about the time I finally fell asleep only to be up by 7:00 to babysit Lulu today. I have always wanted to be a morning person but, when I have the chance to sleep in, I do! I think I will bake something yummy, do some laundry, and take another walk today. Have a great one!

Rhonda in OK said...

Hi Tracey
I cooked breakfast for Jeff and I before he left for work - bacon and egg sandwiches on toast,
I cleaned out the front flower beds for winter and took Theo for a walk.
Later, I'll do a few errands and supper may be a roast with some veggies and salad.
Tonight is a Pampered Chef party to go to.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I'm not a morning person either. I need to drink coffee and stare out the window for at least half an hour before I can even think about functioning - and then I don't say much til noon. Find me at night though and I'm wide awake and ready to go. We have breakfast for supper a lot around here LOL

Susan in SC said...

Your morning sounds so delightful! I love getting up early and getting tons of things accomplished. Of course later in the afternoon, I need a nap! LOL!! Enjoy your productive day!

mountainmama said...

hi tracy! what a nice morning you had~ sounds lovely.

and speaking of lovely! i don't know how you feel about these, but you are perhaps the most deserving person of this, as yours is a really lovely blog~


hope all is well with you! :)

Genie Sea said...

Oh Tracy! You make home a paradise. :)