Sunday, October 25, 2009

Home Ministry

Our finances look bleak at the moment. Unless God provides a miracle, we won;t be able to pay all of our bills this month. I know this is a spiritual attack and I'm not going to allow myself to get discouraged or to fall into fear any longer.
Instead I will fight the good fight of faith by spending time with the Lord and will use my weapons of joy, peace, contentment and gratitude as I care for my family and home. I will invite the Homemaking Spirit into my home daily and prepare for her arrival.
I will serve my family and minister to their needs. I will rejoice in the portion that the Lord has seen fit to give me - whether it be little or much. My home will become a home of comfort - a haven of rest and renewal for those who are broken-hearted and battle-weary from the storms of life.
Today I will don my apron and pull out my baking supplies to create a spirit of abundance by the works of my own two hands. I will provide nourishment for my family physically and spiritually. The Lord is on our side. All is well.


Lyn said...

Hi Tracy, I really enjoyed what you shared. I love your persevering attitude.

Hang tight and know you are not alone.

If you have your family you already know you have a lot of blessings right there.

Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

~Missy~ said...

Excellent post Tracy...I'm in the same boat and working towards the same thing here, with cut-off dates looming up this week. I know in my heart that God will provide what we need and it is my job to provide peace, comfort and a feeling of abundance in my home..and to count my blessings! (Not to say I don't struggle with my feelings of panic, sigh)
This was a post I needed to read today...and it was the first one I have read today ;~)

Anonymous said...

I pray that all your needs will be fullfilled!

Anonymous said...

I pray that all your needs will be fullfilled!

Anonymous said...

God bless you for reminding me that the Lord is always on our side.


Karen said...

Your posts are so encouraging. We, too, are trying to get out of debt, but this year has been one thing after another. We have basically gotten no where concerning our debt. But, as you say, God is on our side, and I know He will help us through. Karen

Peggy said...

Think I found your blog at just the right time. In the last 4 months I have gone from having a home, husband, happy farm life to living in a tiny cabin in my daughters yard alone,with only a few clothes I could pack in one suitcase. Each day God shows me in so many blessings he is with me. Today I let myself get depressed until I read your blog... thank you

mountainmama said...

dear tracy, i'm sorry to hear your family is struggling with finances. i hope things improve for you soon. meanwhile i'm so happy for you that you are able to have such an attitude! :) you have a lucky family indeed to have such a loving and positive person looking out for them~~