Thursday, September 10, 2009


We've entered into the fourth week of The Artist's Way book study. This is to be a week of no reading. This will be so hard for me, but I want to do my best. So, from now until next Wednesday I will not be visiting blogs. I need to tune out the world and tune into my intuition and the whispers of my heart.
Things I will be doing during my sabbatical:
~ Thinking
~ Spending time outdoors
~ Walking/Yoga/Strength training
~ Homemaking
~ Clearing clutter
~ Watch movies
~ Singing
~ Self-care
~ and whatever else strikes my fancy!
Do not worry...I shall return! Wishing you a blessed week ahead!


Laurie said...

Dear Tracy,
Have a wonderful sabbatical ~ enjoy your time taking care of yourself!!

Emily said...

Have a wonderful break! I know it is good to have these breaks from the world ~ Have a beautiful week!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I hope you have a wonderful time away Tracy. I know that leaving the computer behind always grounds me in ways that are numerous. Mostly, it's nice to get away from the consumerism that is so prevalent online.

Take care.

Marqueta said...

Sounds wonderful! Enjoy the break.



Mama Monique said...

Have a good week Tracy. I hope you will share with us how your week has been.
Great time!

sarah haliwell said...

Have a great week. You are made of stronger stuff than I! I'd be bored in about two hours, lol.

Marisa @ Getting Back To Basics said...

Have a great sabbatical week Tracy and come back refreshed.

Ariadone said...

WOW, these colours and this header and this completely fresh and happy look.....Have a wonderful week.

A Stitch In Thyme said...

I love that you put thinking at that top. It is so surprising when you stop and realize, "i've not had a moment to think to myself" and when you do that... you KNOW you've turned into your mum. :)

I hope you enjoyed your sabitcal!! Hugs. Tammy

nicole said...

Enjoy your time away! : )