Saturday, September 26, 2009

Little Changes - Simplifying

{Country Living}

I am once again simplifying. It seems to come in spurts and each time I remove another later of clutter. Yesterday I worked on the bathroom - throwing out almost empty bottles of lotions and oils I will never use, old makeup and nail colors, and anything that wasn't used regularly. It feels so liberating to release more stuff!

{Country Living}

I have always been a clutter-bug. I hang on to things for fear I may need them or for sentimental reasons. Plus, I like pretties and sparkly bits. But now, I am yearning for beauty combined with simplicity. How much simpler would my life be if I only had things I love and use regularly and both useful and beautiful?

{Country Living}

I am getting to the point in my life where I do not need or want a lot of possessions in my life. I prefer quality over quantity anyway, and having a beautiful home doesn't necessarily mean you need to have lots of things.

 {Country Living}

I am leaning more towards a natural, aesthetic beauty pared with simplicity. Soothing colors, textures, natural fibers {cotton, wicker, rattan}, bringing nature indoors, charm, and touches of luxury and whimsy.

{Country Living}

Though often small, bathrooms should most definitely be a place of beauty and offer a peaceful retreat - perhaps even a spa-like atmosphere. This is where we purify our bodies and pamper ourselves with long soaks in the tub, manis/pedis, beauty routines, and other such womanly acts. Don't we deserve sacred spaces in which to recharge and doll up before we face the world?


Tammy said...

I have always wanted a claw foot tub, never had a bath in one though...

I need to declutter, but I've been spending way to much time at the GW aquiring more clutter...LOL!

Emily said...

Those photos are gorgeous! I wish I had a bathroom like that! :) We are going through the de-cluttering process right now too - it feels so good to live with less! Hope you are enjoying a lovely Fall weekend!

The Raggedy Girl said...

I too find that decluttering does not happen all at once but in layers. What you just cannot part with this week is able to be tossed out next month.

The Raggedy Girl