Monday, September 28, 2009

Lifestyle Changes: Fitness

Over the last five years, my weight has slowly crept upwards on the scale. For a girl who could never get over 110 pounds, reaching 142.8 pounds was quite a shock. So I decided it was time to get serious about losing weight and getting into shape. 

Within the last four days, I have lost three pounds. I have made a few simple changes. I cut out all soft drinks and replaced it with water mixed with sugar/calorie-free fruit punch mix. I drink about 4 quarts a day.

I eat breakfast early in my day (Special K cereal) and a reasonable lunch - a tuna or egg salad sandwich (it is good to have a protein with your carbs).

Dinner is a small portion of whatever meat I have prepared and veggies.

I avoid all sweets, watch my portions, and avoid eating (carbs especially) late in the evenings.

I also started looking for more ways to be active throughout the day. Vigorous housework, gardening, and even dancing around the house counts. I am also doing yoga, going for walks, and am lifting weights. I don't want to be merely thin, I want muscles!

My goal is to weigh between 120-125 pounds and get fit. For me that means having well-defined muscles, flexibility, and to grow stronger.

What are your fitness goals?


Laurie said...

Hi Tracy,
Congrats on your weight loss, remember slow and steady.
I noticed when I hit my mid~thirties my body was changing. Couldn't eat whatever I wanted anymore. I really didn't start to take staying fit seriously until I hit my forties ~ then I noticed that even though I could still fit in my size things were getting, um, a bit lumpy. Now I walk regularly and like you try to stay away from too much sugar and especially not to snack at night. That is my biggest challenge! I do drink lots of water and try to eat lots of veggies. Over the last few years I actually got too thin (stress?) and now I am trying to gain back a bit ~ I would love to have better muscle tone, but I just can't see it happening!!

The Blog Mistress~~Tammy said...

I need to get back into my walking routine, something I've let slide since my son has been here...and I know that is no excuse at all!!

Great work girl, sounds like you are right on target!

Carolyn said...

Like you I want to be fit rather than just thin. Over the last three years I've lost 100 lbs, oh so slowly. Still have 15 to go. These last few pounds don't seem to want to go anywhere though...they seem to really enjoy being stuck to my hips and thighs. LOL. I do an ab workout 5 days a week and also lift weights (Love to feel strong!) and walk/jog. Sooner or later I'll shake the rest of the poundage off! I think I need to tweak my diet a bit, that may do the trick.
Love your blog btw...I'm going to buy "The Artist's Way" this week, you've inspired me!