Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Homeschool Question

A reader writes:
I read the schedule: a lot and a lot of lovely items, too (especially when it comes to preparing for birthdays and the actual visitings and all). When it comes to food, do you actually go into the kitchen and teach the children to cook? Do you teach geographics, history of the world, or a foreign language? And do you teach traffic skills, rules, and situations? My reference, of course, is what children get taught in our Dutch schools. Is folklore about your own region? What is that? I find it all very interesting. I'm sure I would've enjoyed homeschooling with such a schedule for the month of September. I feel like we are really missing something important here where homeschooling is not allowed.
My goal is to expose my children to as much as I possibly can and widen their world so they have life experienes and the knowledge of how to do a variety of things. So, yes, they do cook in the kitchen with me as they have the interest and desire to do so. I do try to include new foods/dishes as well old favorites. I feel it is important to try new things and expand their food tastes.
I do not officially teach geography or history, but we read a wide variety of books and watch TV shows/movies that are both interesting and educational. I do not believe you can not learn about these things unless you were living in seclusion away from media of any kind. We also discuss interesting things we learn about, where it occured and look it up on our globe, we read biographies, etc. You would be amazed at the connections children make on their own without formal studies.

We are not currently teaching a foreign language, but two of my children have expressed interest in it so I am looking at options.
My husband teaches our children how to drive as they come of age - which so far, is only our 16 year old son. We talk a lot about driving and we have so many examples of bad drivers and what not to do by watching the people on the road!
Folklore encompasses myths, jokes, riddles, legends, cautionary tales, and many other forms of storytelling. We focus on American folklore simply because we live in America and we find it interesting.
I hope these answers have helped. I, too, would have loved to have been homeschooled in this way! :)


Ariadone said...

Thank you so much Tracy. See, the difference ? In my country one must by law be 18 before one can start taking drivinglessons and it must by law with a certified cardriving-school. It cost about 2300,00 euro to train and earn a driverslicence and the exame is huge, practical and theoretical both. Our roads are crowded; teenagers start taking alcohol and smoke weed at a younger age and if so become a killermachine in traffic...We Dutch have bikes ( really each one of us unless terribly old or disabled and some of us drive scooters, for wich a driverslicence is also needed. My youngest son failed this exame and now he will start driverslessons when he becomes 18 next year. I really hold my breath...
On history and geography there is a strict curiculum from when the student is 8 upon 17 years old; first our own country, soon worldwide. When being 10/11/12 the child studies english language in school. When the cild is 7 years old he/she MUST be able to read and write our own language and the curiculum on these is very strict.
Well, I feel like giving you some information in return.
Goodbye and good days with all

Mama Monique said...

I can fully imagine the reason why you choose to do homeschooling. If I could I think I also had done it. But as Ariadone said: in Holland it's hardly done. If I am right, there are only a couple of hundreds.

Just an other question: how is it with your mind-thinking? Already feeling better? Hope you have found your right way to go. I know how hard it can be :o(

Love from Mama Monique, Holland

Mama Monique said...

Well, I hope to write about the consumer things, my hobbys and my passions. So you can expect all of that in the future ;o)

farmama said...

What a nice blog you have! We are a homeschooling family as well. I just finished planning out (some of) what we will learn for the year. It looks like you have quite a bit to cover! I look forward to reading here in the future!
Happy September!