Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Artist's Way ~ Week 4 (Buried Dreams)

5 hobbies that sounds fun:
1. Painting
2. Photography
3. Scrapbooking
4. Jewelry-makking
5. Make cards
5 classes that sound fun:
1. Dance classes
2. Cake decorating
3. Oil/watercolor painting
4. Belly dancing
5. Writing class
5 things I would never do that sound fun:
1. Sky dive/Parasail
2. Surf
3. Drag race
4. Rock climbing
5. Skateboard
5 things I used to enjoy:
1. Doing hair & make up
2. Turning flips in the yard
3. Ride bicycle
4. Climb trees
5. Play in the rain
5 skills that would be fun to have:
1. Eternal optimist
2. Make othetrs feel good
3. Look stylish always
4. Outgoing personality
5. Fun & flirty
5 silly things I'd like to try once:
1. Karaoke
2. Shoot a pistol
3. Go to a sushi bar
4. Go dancing
5. Streak my hair pink
Where would I like to live?
In a log cabin on a large acreage. The cabin would be rustic with feminine touches. My home would be beautiful, yet simple. Cozy and romantic with soothing colors, elements of nature, and diffrent textures: lace, velvet, cotton, flannel, etc. 


Kavindra said...

Turning flips in the yard! You really took me back with that one :)

Emily said...

I love your lists! I enjoy making lists of things that I want to learn and accomplish! I think it's never to late to pursue your interests and dreams!!

sarah haliwell said...

what a fun list! you've got me thinking.

Serena said...

Wonderful lists, Tracy, and a log cabin on large acreage sounds divine.

The Raggedy Girl said...

What a nice list and I would share many of them.

And Happy Birthday Girl!

The Raggedy Girl

Laurie said...

Hi Tracy ~
I would love to try belly dancing. We have classes in our area, and I keep thinking someday...

Teresa Lynne said...

Love your list, Mine is similar!

Jenn@Spejory said...

What a fun list! I took a belly dancing class once and loved it. I'd do it again. And my friend and I are going to take a cake decorating class soon if we can make it fit both our schedules.