Monday, August 24, 2009

The Weekend

We woke yesterday to cooler temperatures - perfect for working out in the yard. Alfred edged along the driveway, house and around the trees; bush-hogged along the woodline and creek; and cleared the driveway with a blower. I weeded the loooooong flower bed along the fence and started on the small on along the short side of the house. I finished the small one up this morning bright and early after I sent Alfred off to work and while I was still in my pajamas!
The hummingbirds have discovered the feeder. I enjoy watching them zip to and fro, chirping as they go. They are so small and fast! Ours are Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds and they also enjoy my Morning Glories.
After a nice long nap, I set about cleaning house while Alfred worked on our neighbor's truck. I got all the laundry done, cleaned the kitchen, swept the floor, cleaned the living room including dusting and vacuuming, put away clean clothes, and vacuumed the Master bedroom and bath. Dinner was simple: sausages with biscuits and country gravy.
And now, it is a fresh new day full of possibilities! My plans for today are to do a little housekeeping, do a little school work, and spend some time out-of-doors in the fresh air and sunshine. How about you?


sarah haliwell said...

We also did weeding yesterday :-) It sounds like a lovely life there. And fresh air and sunshine are always lovely.

Laurie said...

Hi Tracy ~
I hope you are enjoying your day. The weather has been beautiful here too ~ almost fall like!
Cool! A new computer!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Tracie, we have the same weather & we also enjoy it. The little graphic at the top of your post is adorable. I love your gratitude list. Hugs

Jennifer Perkins said...

sweet post... :o) I love reading your blog.