Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Sense of Safety

After my parents divorced and we moved to a new town in another state, I would hurry home from school. Home was my place of safety. Home was where I could be free and be myself. Home was where I could be free from the pressure of trying to fit in. It was my place of belonging.

I recognized long ago that I am different than others and I am not willing to change the essence of who I am in order to fit in. Other than my family, I lead a pretty solitary life and I am okay with that. It leaves me time to dream, plot, write, craft, cook, stitch, read, journal, garden in peace.

Today, my home is still my is my place of safety. Home is my place of comfort. It is here that I laugh, sing, and dance. It is here that my inner Wild Woman feels free to come out and play and is accepted just as she is with all of her complexities and eccentricities.


Tammy said...

I'm a definate homebody!

Hey, love this shae of blue!!!

Laurie said...

Dear Tracy,
I spend a lot of time alone too ~ which I guess can be good and not so good. I have yet to find anyone (except through blogging) that have the same intersts as I do. Thank God for blogging!
I love the blue background!

cathleen said...

Tracy...what a lovely post...and I can relate so well. How come you seem to be able read my mind? And when are you going to write a book with all these wonderful and meaningful mini-essays that you create? Just sayin'

Rhonda in OK said...

Tracey - I know exactly how you feel.
Jeff has total knee replacement surgery next week, at the huge VA hospital 60 miles away from our home. I am worried about his surgery but also anxious about being away from home in such a big, busy place.

Wish on a Whisker said...

Hi Tracy~ Love this! It reminds me so much of myself. Happy Wednesday. ~Mandy

sarah haliwell said...

Lovely. I was reading yesterday something with which I agree wholeheartedly - there should always be someone in a family who is the keeper of the home. To make a sanctuary, so people have the safety and blessings needed to go out into the scary difficult world. I'm so glad you had that and are providing it now for your family.

miss*R said...

I am similar to you.. I seem to stumble across so many similar women here in blog world..
my home is my refuge..and I am a solitaire most of the time..

Marqueta said...

Hi there, new friend! I noticed that you're following my blog, and wanted to thank you and say that your blog is refreshing and lovely~I am a certified homebody, too! Always have been, always will be, I fear :)

I love your story about Ruby; she's my kind of dream homeschool mom.



gemma said...

Lovely post.There is no place like home!