Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nature Ponderings

Nature is alive all around me. There are blue, green, and orange dragonflies with translucent wings, wasps, and fat bumblebees. The bluejays are crying. I think there may be a nest in the cedar tree. The cardinals are chirping. The woodpecker's call sounds like it belongs in a jungle. I watch orange and yellow butterflies flit by in all their dainty prettiness.
The sun feels good on my skin and there is the occasional slight breeze. I must enjoy these days before the bitter cold keeps me locked away indoors. I hear the whirring of small engine airplanes as they fly overhead.
Leaves are beginning to fall from the red leaf maple tree. Has the recent cool morning weather tricked it into believing Autumn has arrived?
The hummingbirds are enjoying the simple sugar mixture I made for them. They are so squeaky, but, oh, so lovely. I can hear the buzzing of their little wings as they zip to and fro.
A blue dragonfly gathers its courage and dares to sit upon the arm of my garden bench. We sit companionably side by side - quiet and still. I admire his irridescence which reminds me of the clear blue sea with the sun gleaming on the water like sparkling diamonds.
There is so much beauty that surrounds me. When I stop and take the time to observe nature, my soul finds rest and I am wonder's captive.


Tammy said...

It is a beautiful time of year here too...So cool on our morning walks...we found a paved path through a woods that winds around a creek...just think had I not got my diabetes diagnosis we would be in this house and never have discovered it!

Laurie said...

What pretty imagery you write Tracy.
I love this time of year when the days grow a bit shorter and my garden gives its last hurrah.
Love the part about the blue dragonfly!

The Raggedy Girl said...

I have been MIA from blogging this summer due to a home remodel but it is now time to jump back in.

I have really missed your quiet ponderings. In this crazy life it is nice to take moments out for reflexion.

The Raggedy Girl