Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Her Retreat

Though my home is humble, it is my favorite place to be. I love my home because it has everything I love gathered together in one place: my family, books, music, pictures, a cozy comfy bed, flowers, birds, and more.
A woman needs her home to be a retreat - a place of beauty and comfort - against the harsh world in which we live. It doesn't take a lot of money to create such an atmosphere. It only requires a little ingenuity and creativity.
Take, for instance, curtasins. I have brick red curtains that are sun-faded in my bedroom. I plan to dye them black for they are covered by blinds and another set of curtains, but I am hoping they will help to darken the bedroom even more. We like to sleep in total darkness with only a fan on for white noise.
I have cream colored curtains in my living room and kitchen that I want to dye pink. Rit dye costs less than $3 - that is considerably less than buying new curtains!
There were many pieces of broken concrete in the yard when we moved here. I have gathered the pieces up and lined the small flower bed on the end of the house, as well as created borders around three sega palms and another plant. Not only am I not adding to the landfill, but it will help keep Alfred from chopping down my plants accidently with the weed eater.
Granted, you may not always be able to make everything you need, but you can still save money and make a cozy home. I like to shop at thrift stores and dollar stores for clothing, housewares, linens, home & holiday decor, purses, books, picture frames, etc.
Home is chiefly a woman's domain. It is the place where we can let our creativity reign: whipping up a delicious new recipe in the kitchen, planning vegetable and flower gardens, sewing or stitching, painting (walls, furniture, art!), making soaps, candles, or jewelry. The sky is the limit!
Today, let us continue to grow, learn, and embrace our creative selves to create a personal retreat for our families and ourselves.


Penelope said...

beautiful :) just beautiful!

Laurie said...

Oh I agree the way a home looks is the woman's domain. Whenever I go back to my parents home I see my Mom everywhere.
I am trying to make our home a place where the whole family can relax and enjoy.