Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Artist's Way - Week 1 check in

Chapter 1 in TAW was eye-opening for me and I found myself nodding yes to several quotes:
"As a rule of thumb, shadow artists judge themselves harshly, beating themselves for years over the fact that they have not acted on their dreams."
"Most of the time when we are blocked in an area of our life, it is because we feel safer that way. We may not be happy, but at least we know what we are--unhappy. Much fear of our own creativity is the fear of the unknown."
I did the Morning Pages only one day this week. I am thinking I need to switch to writing them at night before bed - when I have time to myself to actually do so.
Neither did I go on an Artist Date...unless you count weeding the flower garden alone as such. I could give a list of excuses, but I am a homebody at heart. I will try again this week.
Imaginary Lives: If I had five other lives to lead, I would be:
~a writer
~ a singer
~ work on a cattle or horse ranch
~ a cop
~ an adventurer
My affirmation is: I, Tracy, am a brilliant and an inspired writer.


notesfromthefrugaltrenches said...

I love the idea of imaginary lives!

onasilentsea said...

its' very easy to weasle out of artist dates. i'm at the end of week 4 and have only done an artist date from week 1. i'm determined to get back to them.

Laurie said...

Fear of the unknown that's a biggie. I always worry I won't be good enough or whatever to try something new, to spread my wings a bit.
I need to try one of these affirmations.

sarah haliwell said...

this is so interesting, I want to read the book myself :-) I really like the imaginary lives idea.

Kavindra said...

Love the picture ~ so evocative.

And I am so enjoying seeing everyones alternative lives! But maybe, just maybe, you should remove "writer" since you are already a writer in this life? Hmmmm? And a brilliant and inspired one at that!

A Stitch In Thyme said...

I used to be awful with fear of the unknown. Now-I give myself one week to get through whatever it is that causes me fear and then I must choose, left or right. No more time to ruminate on the if's!


Serena said...

OH, i like the idea of being an adventurer....maybe because i'm a homebody too and, in reality, i live my adventures through the novels i read.

btw, i didn't manage my artist's date this week either.

Michelle Eaton said...

I have trouble with the artist date aswell. I am also a homebody and hate going out of my comfort zone unless I have somebody to lean on.

Great imaginary lives! A rancher would be interesting.

intothedawn said...

I totally think that weeding the garden counts. Maybe its just because I like to play in the soil. ;-)

Great affirmation!