Friday, July 03, 2009

Living Deliberately and Money

I am taking part in Rhonda's simple home audit and embarking on a No Spend week. Today topics are on living deliberately and money. Here are my thoughts and plans on these two subjects.

I want to live a simple life. A simple life, for me, means creating a life that is satisfying and puts to use my creativity. Enjoying my home and family, having time for crafts and hobbies, spending time out in nature, gardening, cooking/baking from scratch, finding joy in life's simple pleasures, and living well within our means - this is the simple life I long for.

How can I make that happen?

1. Create a daily homemaking rhythm
2. Declutter
3. Plan more family fun activities (board games, popcorn & a movie at home, trips to the beach or park, etc.)
4. Increase my knowledge of gardening and increase my garden plot next year
5. Look for new, inexpensive recipes
6. Bake more goodies so my family doesn't feel they're missing out on the "good" stuff
7. Make time to embroider, read, journal
8. Laugh, play, listen, and talk with my husband and children
9. Always count my blessings

As for money, my ultimate goal is to become debt-free. I'm using Mary Hunt's RDRP and am projected to reach my goal by March 2017. I also want to build up my savings and live a good life on a budget.

How will I accomplish these goals?

1. Track my spending
2. Save all change in a jar to be deposited into savings
3. Whatever money is left each week will be rolled into savings
4. Windfalls will be divided between needs, savings, and debt
5. Incur no new debt
6. Reduce water and electricity usage
7. Shop thrift & secondhand shops first for clothing or household needs
8. Reduce, reuse, recycle
9. Shop the loss leaders and use coupons for groceries and toiletries
10. Stockpile using the above method
11. When one debt is paid off, roll that amount into the next debt to pay it off quicker
12. Pray and pay!


With Loving Stitches said...

I love your post!! I already do many of these things and I can tell you the only debt we have is our mortgage and a few medical bills. It's very free'ing to say this.

Living simply, I do not allow myself enough down time and I have to learn to do so. It's difficult to set aside time selfishly for good mental health when so much needs our attention. But i'm getting there.

love this post.

Kavindra said...

You know, I read this post and I thought to myself, "I don't get over here to Tracy's blog often enough." I just love it here, it and you remind me of women in the early 70s when I was coming of age, who wanted to get back to ecological simple spiritual rootedness. I always thought I would grow up to be one of those women, but it turned out I lacked 1) proper motor skills for things like sewing and embroidery
2) patience for things like cooking and gardening
3) any talent at all for nurturing

But I so admire all these things you are living.I'm gonna live this particular dream vicariously through you!

Mama Monique said...

Up here another follower of Rhonda's audit. Love it!

Grandmaibb said...

Hello Tracey
I have just popped over from Rhonda's blog, I'm also doing her home audit and no spend week. Your blog post is wonderful, so full of good sense and great ideas. I hope you don't mind if I use some to lay out our revised plan. We have been trying to simplify our lives for just over a year and I so wish we had started long ago. Good luck, I had added your blog to my list so I can keep upto date with how people are going.


Genie Sea said...

This is a solid action plan! Practical and joy filled! Best of luck with it, Tracy! :)