Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Living and Learning

In less than three weeks, public school starts begins. Being homeschoolers, we have a lot more freedom and flexibility in our schedule and learning. I always loved shopping for new school supplies and to this day I still love supplies!

Over the summer I have been contemplating what I want this learning year to look like. We have a few textbooks to work through this year, but I was looking for, and found, an inspired way of learning. Dawn has posted wonderful themes and plans for the year that I plan to use with a few changes to personalize it for our family.

This is the kind of learning I would have loved as a child! Exploring, experiments, nature observation, reading good books, crafts, field trips, homemaking, holidays and celebrations, eating foods in season...making memories, building traditions, and having fun all while learning!

Learning just doesn't just happen while slaving over dry, boring textbooks. No! Learning happens through living every day life, pursuing hobbies and passions, taking notice of the world around you, conversations, reading, even watching tv. Learning is everywhere!

I am excited about the upcoming year and writing about our learning journey.


Jenn@Spejory said...

I clicked over and Dawn's themes sound so intriguing! When my boys were in public school I used to dread this time of year, but I am so excited about starting this year! The boys and I have been discussing how we are going to go about the upcoming year and they like that they get to have input into how they learn. I love homeschooling.

~~Deby said...

I think this would be the JOY of homeschooling--I applaud all the families that do this--I wish--way back when, that I had...

A Stitch In Thyme said...

I homeschooled my son for 3 out of 5 years during a particular period in his autistic disorder and i'm forever grateful he took to the learning. We also did it by exploration, hands on, eyes on the project at hand. He learned at an excelerated pace this way. He could not read enough books and books can be limiting to a kid who can't sit still for 5 minutes.

When he re-entered school, not only was he ahead of his class but there was great discussion involving his IEP and how the school had to make exceptions to reach him. I would love to have homeschooled beyond but he also needed the social stimulation on a level I physically could not provide for him.

Will you homeschool throughout or switch to public schooling at some point? I wish every parent could do this for at least year. It's a great bonding experience with your child as well.

Tammy said...

My daughter is a home school teacher...she and the children have so much fun learning...I almost wish I had been homeschooled!

Thanks for the link to the new looks very interesting!☺

Sandcastle Momma said...

Dawn always makes learning look like so much fun. And she makes it look easy too LOL
We're not starting back until the end of August and hopefully next week I'll be able to start getting my plan ready and gathering what we need.

Ariadone said...

I really honestly don't get it that you can be a mom and a teacher at the same time. I have been a schoolmanager for many years, in my country there is no homeschooling, or only, in an extraordinary case when the child is very handicapted. I am trying to learn more about how this goes and works for the there a budget involved ? Do you need to be trained as a teacher alraidy before you are allowed to homeschool ? Don't you get bored and irritated with one another? What about socializing and preparing for a demanding job later on in life ? All these questions come to mind...Many blogging ladies are homeschoolers. Many Christian women are homeschooling. How come ? Is this your culture ?
Anyway, meaby you could help me find some answer. It is only because we don't have it overhere that I am ignorant. But willing to learn.
Look forward to your answers.
Godeliva van Ariadone