Friday, July 17, 2009

Learning to FLY

In an effort to revitalize and revamp my life, I have made a few changes.

I have never been particularly style savvy, so I emailed a girl who offers free style advice and puts together online outfits based on your information and preferences. This will help me think outside the box in terms of style and will help choose figure flattering clothes in the future.

I also rejoined FlyLady to help motivate and inspire me to get rid of all the clutter in my home and life. Living with chronic illness as I do, I sometimes get overwhelmed with keeping house. I tend to clean like crazy, then crash and burn out of sheer exhaustion. My body pays dearly for this added stress. So, slow and steady wins the race from here on out.

I've asked Mama to bring me as many boxes as she can from work so I can pack up the clutter for Goodwill. I am even going to try a new recipe this week ~ Barbequed Chicken Pasta served with a Spinach Salad. Not my typical fare and it is a whole lot healthier. So it will be interesting to try something new. If it gets a thumbs up from my family I'll share the recipes next week!

What changes have you recently made?


Marisa said...

It feels good to purge oneself of all the clutter in our lives. We simply have too mush "stuff'. Consider the healthy recipes you are going to try a purging of your body. Can't wait for you to share them.

mountainmama said...

i've been doing some "spring cleaning" myself lately. both in my actual physical house, as well as my own "house" - my heart. what i think of as emotional housecleaning. this involves saying things to people that have needed to be said (sometimes for years), tying up loose ends, making amends, attempting reconnections with lost friends, and that sort of thing. :)

you are very inspiring and something about your writing is so peaceful and comforting~ i'm so glad you write. thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts!

Mama Monique said...

Well, none to be honest... :o( But I like your story! Nowing the things you say about the running and break down and so.

In the past I read about Flylady, but never let her in to my life. Maybe it's an idea to do it this time? I don't know. I'll think about it ;o)

Wish you a very happy weekend and hope to see you next week!

A Stitch In Thyme said...

I've been purging a lot the last year. I'm realizing holding on to things for the sake of needing them tomorrow is wasting space I could be using today.

Look at me getting all buddha on you... but it's true.