Thursday, July 23, 2009

If Only

If you love good movies with romance and a twist, then you must watch If Only starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Paul Nicholls!

After his impetuous musician girlfriend, Samantha, dies in an accident shortly after they had a fight (and nearly broke up), a grief-stricken British businessman, Ian Wyndham, living in London gets a chance to relive the day all over again, in the hope of changing the events that led up to her getting killed.
Today I'll be taking Kenzie to the doctor. Her throat is sore and the glands are swollen. I suspect it to be tonsillitis....poor girl!
Yesterday I took her shopping to spend her birthday money....$39 in all. She bought a pair of cute denim shorts, two tees, and a baby doll that opens and closes its eyes, sucks a pacifier, cries, babbles, and its tummt rises and falls when baby sleeps.
My sister gave her some of my neice's old baby clothes so she could change baby's clothes. Kenzie fashioned a crib out of a box and made it comfy for baby with blankets and a small pillow. So sweet!
What's happening in your world today?

*Update* It was strep throat. Ugh...but nothing medicine, popscicles and a little TLC won't cure! .::smile::.


cathleen said...

I do hope Kenzie feels better. I remember when my three children would get tonsillitis...they would be so sick for a long ten days. Thanks for the recommendation on the movie. I love romantic movies. Have a good day, Tracy. Oh, and in my world today? Watching my granddaughter and quilting!

Tammy said...

Oh, I just love Jennifer Love Hewitt on Ghost Whisperer every Friday Night!

I'm going to put this movie on my Netflix list!

So sorry about your Kenzie! I grew up with tonsillitis my whole life until they were removed at the age of 17. I know it is no fun at all!!

My world is rainy and cool today...I'm sitting here thinking a nice cuppa would be good!☺

Ariadone said...

Hello Tracy, I have seen the movie too; I was really stricken by the complex of the construction. I really love to see Jennifer Love Hewitt in such role. Want to know what is going on in my world, please come around MY Dutch blog soon and also visit my american Xanga site. I love to hear your comment there. Be well. I hope there is nothing bad with Kenzie or that a quick medicine can help it go away.
Godeliva van Ariadone

A Stitch In Thyme said...

Oh poor Kenzie!! Sounds like popsicles to me!

This movie sounds familiar but I don't recall it. Will have to give it a go.

Maya@A Beach Lovers Place said...

I love Jennifer Love Hewitt in the Ghost Whisperer..., and I definitely want to watch this. On another note..., love your header. It reminds me of the three months yoga retreat I once took on the Bahamas (ages ago!).

sarah haliwell said...

I hope Kenzie feels better soon.

The movie sounds good but I'm sorry I can't stand JLH. Don't ask me why, perhaps I've just seen her in awful things.

Lady Laurie said...

Hi Tracy ~
Oh I hope Kenzie feels better soon. When my kids were younger they were always getting strep.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!