Thursday, July 09, 2009

Home Production

Rhonda discussed the possibilities of home production yesterday on her blog.

So far, I have learned to make my own cleaners, bake bread, sew curtains, put in a garden by hand, cook and bake many things from scratch, cross-stitch/embroidery, make Play-doh and bubble mixture for the kids, tape, mud, and sand walls to get ready to paint, decorate my mailbox with stenciled roses and paint the house number free-hand, weed-eat, plant various flowers and plants, install skirting around our home, read my electric meter, sew on a button, and probably much more that I am forgetting!

Of course, there is always more to learn in life and in homemaking. And I certainly have so much more to learn, but that is what makes life interesting! Not only that, but as I acquire new skills my confidence grows and I feel more secure knowing that I can provide things for my family out of the works of my hands. The more skills I learn, the more money I can save - which is very important as we strive to become free from debt.


Mama Monique said...

I can't agree with you more.

With Loving Stitches said...

I love to learn new things especially if they are "green". Would you be willing to share the cleaners with me. I really do not like harsh cleaners for a multitude of reasons but I do like to clean!

Homemade bread, is there truly anything that rivals... cept maybe homemade apple pie?

Genie Sea said...

You are such a force of inspiration, Tracy! I am so very proud of you! :)

God's Princess said...

I think it's very creative and enjoyable being inventive and frugal. And, there's nothing more satisfying than providing for your family out of the works of your own hands!