Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gratitude List ~ Week 29

~ Watching Martha Stewart's show "Martha"

~ Thin cotton tees - so comfy to wear in the summer months!

~ Charity boxes are filling up. It feels so good to release the excess.

~ My new FlyLady calendar which has room to write appointments, birthdays and such.

~ I'm still loving my cute little purse that I won on Cathleen's blog!


Tammy said...

What a pretty tea-pot!

Have a blessed day!

cathleen said... sweetheart. You know what I am grateful for? Kind ladies like you who write wonderful heart-warming posts. Have a lovely Sunday!

A Stitch In Thyme said...

Don't you feel refreshed when you give away things that you don't need or use to those who do? I certainly do. We carted out two large black bags a couple weeks ago. It's amazing what you can do without!

Brandi said...

thin cotton tees-I'm slowly but surely collecting thin cotton tees! they are so soft...

Mama Monique said...

You see.. there are lots of things to be grateful