Sunday, July 05, 2009


Yesterday food was the topic of Rhonda's round table discussions.

Food - Outside

I get overwhelmed with food - meal planning and preparation, shopping for name it. Now I have come a long way over the years, but I still have so much to learn. With food being such an important part of our lives {we need it to live}, I do the best I can and am ever-learning in this area.

I have a small garden that started out with 3 cucumber mounds, 3 bell pepper plants, and 6 tomato plants. The bell peppers died and only 1 cucumber plant and 3 tomato plants survived {the peppers and tomatoes were heirloom}. I believe we have very poor soil. I added cow manure and triple X to the soil, but this is definitely an area I need to read up on.

Changes I would like to make:

1. Become more knowledgeable about gardening - particularly fertilization
2. Build a compost bin
3. Have chickens for fresh eggs
4. Plant a few fruit trees - peaches, satsumas, plums?
5. Install water tanks to collect rain water (sometime in the future as finances allow, but a girl can dream, right?)
6. Gradually increase my garden each year
7. Learn to can and preserve food

Food - Inside

I have a fridge, a small chest freezer, a smallish pantry, and a couple of shelves in the cabinets to store my stockpile. The chest freezer is getting rather low, so I need to work on refilling it with meats on sale and/or meats purchased through Angel Food Ministries.

Changes I want to make:

1. Improve in menu planning
2. Pack Alfred really good lunches to take to work
3. Reorganize my pantry and cabinets
4. Find a way to keep track of my freezer contents
5. Continue to increase my home-cooking skills
6. Utilize leftovers better to eliminate waste
7. Perhaps try making my own dog/cat food if determined to be cheaper than store-bought.

These are lists of things I can begin to work on now {except for the water tanks}, but not at all a complete list. As I grow comfortable with these, I can then add other tasks.


With Loving Stitches said...

These are certainly wonderful goals to have. I too have often wondered about a composte bin & i've seen this really curious rain catch bin that I want to look into. You use a down spout from your roof to catch rainwater to do your plants with. I thought it was brilliant.

Mama Monique said...

I can imagine the goals you have: they could be mine. I'm also learning about food every day, especially while my little boy has a lactose intolerance.

By the way: I'm planning to do my blog in two languages in the future. Although my english isn't the best, I would like to welcome more overseas. Hope you'll keep joining me ;o)

Terri said...

Here at our home we have a lot of buckets etc placed under the eaves and they catch the rain water etc. Not as good as a rain barrel but you can buy mosquito killing pellets at Lowe's and other stores to prevent larvae from forming and the water is safe for pets to drink. This water came in very handy last month when our well went out for a day! We didn't drink it of course, but I was able to use it to flush with.

Love your list...Do you use Angel food a lot? I have a location near me and am reconsidering my former decision not to purchase thru them. Do you find the quality of the produce etc to be good? I am curious. I am thinking I might try them as the deadline is next week for ordering.

Genie Sea said...

At rate you're going. I won't be surprised if you're almost completely self-sufficient soon! And I will be cheering you on! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog Tracy. The economy has also taken a toll on my family too. We too are trying different things to be more efficient with our money. I too use Angel Food Ministries for my basics, and their special boxes. I love there ease of ordering and there convenience with having multiple host sites. I found this coupon code, it is valid for Angel Food Ministries food boxes, and gives you 10% off a signature box. Angel Food Coupon Code "10sig98". I believe it is limited and expires in July at Hope it helps you out. Thanks again for all the tid bits and suggestions. It's great to have other suggestions.