Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Electricity, Water, and Green Cleaning

Following along with Rhonda's round table discussion, we come to electricity and water, as well as green cleaning.

Now I touched on electricity and water earlier in the week, acknowledging that these areas can be improved upon. The greatest electricity drainer is due to the kids forever leaving lights, radios, and the computer on. No matter how often I remind them to turn things off (and it's often!), these things still get left on. Sometimes I feel as if all my work is in vain...

As for Green Cleaning, I make most my own cleaners with the exception of laundry soap and I plan to try that soon! I still do like to use Pine-Sol for mopping floors and disinfecting bathrooms...I love the scent!

Other things I would like to try:

~ Making dish-washing soap

~ Making bath soap

~ Create a homemaking routine and stick to it
(I tend to rebel at the mere thought of routines but believe they can be beneficial)


Dia said...

i love to clean 'green,' too! I use 'biokleen' for my abundant laundry (I live alone, but am a massage therapist) which is made fairly locally (Vancouver WA) & smells so fresh!
Love your resolve to create a homemaking routine - I struggle with that, too! Have set myself a 24 hr dish rule (wash it if it's dirty by the next day!) & am working on doing something for my home daily!

Mama Monique said...

The grean cleaning is a real challange for us. Hope we will succeed!