Friday, July 31, 2009

August Learning Plans

"August creates as she slumbers, replete and satisfied."
- Joseph Wood Krutch

The Full Green Corn Moon - 5th
Watch for bats
Morning Glories
Shooting Stars (Perseids peaks Aug. 12)

August birthstone: Peridot - means "Evening emerald", thought to bring happiness in marriage.
August Flowers: Poppy & Gladiolus

If the first week in August is unusually warm,
the coming winter will be snowy and long.

For every fog in August,
There will be a snowfall in winter.

If a cold August follows a hot July,
It foretells a Winter hard and dry.

Butter beans
Valencia Oranges

Home & Garden:
Weed flower beds; plant Autumn growing flowers such as pansy and calendula (marigold)
Bleach & scrub outdoor furniture
Trim cedar branches against house
Pressure wash home exterior
Wash curtains & blankets
Dust thoroughly
Clean windows inside & out
Paint front door

S'mores Day - 10th
Wizard of Oz premiered in 1939 - 18th
National Banana Split Day - 25th
Trail Mix Day - 31st

Book Basket: (Themes: blueberries, grain harvest, corn, crows, seashore)
Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey
Peter in Blueberry Land by Elsa Beskow
The Little Red Hen by Paul Gladone
Raccoons and Ripe Corn by Jim Arnosky
Pagoo by Holling C. Holling
Martha by Gennady Spirin

Field Trips & Outings:
Banana Splits at Sonic
Visit the farmer's market
Day at the beach
Army NG Family Day - 1st
Trevor's birthday party - 29th
Dentist appointment - 19th

Crafts & Activities:
Work in the garden
Bake homemade bread
Fill the bird feeder with sunflower seeds
Make tissue paper sunflowers
Gaze at the stars
Make felt shooting stars
Set up a nature table
Hang a bat house
Bug girls don't want to touch them :)
Karate classes
{Inspiration & ideas provided by Dawn}


A Stitch In Thyme said...

How fun is this post? Interesting tidbits. How true is the weather part I wonder....

Ariadone said...

Hello Tracy, You hang a bat house ? There is this wonderful children's book writer who wrote a trilogy of bat in children;s novel: Silverwing, Sunwing and Firewing...The author is Canadian Kenneth Oppel, from 9 years up. I know this because these books are translated in Dutch too, rewarded overhere and wonderful to read. Meaby a nice idea for winternights around the fire ?

Ariadone said...

And is this then a homeschooling plan alraidy ? Especially: Gaze at the stars: is this scientifically of romantically ? Or spiritually ? I am still learning here...
Godeliva van Ariadone

sarah haliwell said...

Lovely ideas! A life filled to the brim with love and learning.

homehum said...

Can I come and live at your house?
What a lovely gathering of ideas, themes, books, and activities. And, what a gentle, natural way to learn and grow. Beautiful.

mountainmama said...

wow, all that sounds so wonderful and healthy and fulfilling!! what lucky kiddos you have! :D