Monday, June 22, 2009

Positive or Negative?

I know a couple of people who are very negative, easily offended, and are quick to get defensive. It would appear that each person has more than their fair share of hard knocks, but I tend to believe that they attract these negative situations to themselves needlessly and unconsciously.

It is the Law of Attraction at work.

Everyone has challenging times, but it's how you deal with those challenges that count. I used to be quite negative myself, but the negativity did nothing to improve my life. I decided change was needed.

I stumbled upon You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hays. With its beautiful illustrations and words of wisdom, there was an internal shift in my thinking. I no longer expect negative experiences and I don't have nearly as many. The movie is also beautifully done and helpful. I am also a spiritual person {not religious!} who finds great comfort and strength in prayer and reading God's Word.

Living well is really quite simple, but we tend to complicate things by over-analyzing and not being true to our authentic selves. In order to drag ourselves out of the mire we need to change our thinking, change the words that we speak, and do things that make us happy. But it has to start with our thoughts.

Change your thinking, change your life.


Genie Sea said...

So very true Tracy! If you approach life with a negative lens, then all you get is the negative. Here's to rose colored glasses and them coming back into style! :)

sarah haliwell said...

it's amazing what the power of positive thinking can achieve. But often changing decades of brainwashing to a negative perspective can be hard. But quick, I must counter that with a positive response : It can be done :-)

Sandcastle Momma said...

I agree! I've always believed that your life is what you make it and you can turn almost any negative experience into a positive one.
Lemons should always be seen as lemonaide!

cathleen said...

Lovely post, Tracy....and so true. Thanks for always, always, always, having such a positive, beautiful blog.