Saturday, June 06, 2009

Go With the Flow

I really did try to take it easy yesterday, but it didn't quite happen. However, I did get to take a luxuriously long nap and catch up on my rest, so I shall not complain.

Our home is bursting at the seams at the moment and I find I am having to do double duty to keep the house in halfway decent shape. Not that I mind. It forces me to simplify, organize, and declutter.

I love being surrounded by family. When I need a little solitude, I head outdoors or retreat to my bedroom. There is a season for everything and right now my life is full and busy. I am learning to go with the flow of life.


Ariadone said...

Hello Tracy, don't flow too much or you will drift away ! Put in a kick box action every now and then.
Be well.
Godeliva from Ariadone

sarah said...

Full and busy is good. So long as you have a retreat available to you and remember to use it :-)