Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Feeling Productive

Alfred cooked dinner's main dish last night....steaks, and boy were they good! I made the sides - salad and macaroni and cheese for the kids. The girls had a little friend sleep over. I don't know how late they stayed up, but they were as quiet as a mouse.

I worked out in the yard Sunday pulling weeds in the flower beds while Alfred mowed the grass. Yesterday I tackled weed-eating, which I must finish up today. My arms are a tad sore, but it's not unbearable. Alfred didn't have time to get to it so it was my way of blessing him and making his life a little easier. Besides, I like a very neat yard and couldn't stand looking at the weeds! :)

We had rain, glorious rain, yesterday afternoon accompanied by thunder and lightning. All of my plants got a much needed, good watering. Everything was beginning to look poorly. The rain also helped to cool the house down, too.

I am looking forward to another productive day!


nescreationdesigns said...

Tracy, it is just wonderful that you had a very productive day! I love those days. Mostly for me, I tend to run around, unorganized - after 4 boys and I never get anything accomplished!

Mrs. White said...

It sounds so nice over at your house!
Mrs. White

Sandcastle Momma said...

We got some of that wonderful rain yesterday too. It was so nice to watch those big fat raindrops hitting the ground. I'm thinking of growing a weed garden just so I don't have to pull them LOL

Susan in SC said...

It always makes you feel good to have a really good day filled with hard work. I bet your yard looks really nice.

Candy-Faith :) said...

Sounds like a great day. Now Im craving steak and mac& cheese :):)

Msrobin said...

I love when I have a productive day around the house! But in the summer, all my productivity is focused on the outdoors, and in the indoors tends to get neglected. Oh well, summer's only here for a short time.

With Loving Stitches said...

It's funny, I love steak especially a well cooked one. But I don't care for chewing it. Just tires my jaw out. Mac & cheese, who doesn't love it.

I adore when my husband cooks for me. He does wonderful breakfast!

Sounds like your day was just fine.