Saturday, June 20, 2009


There hasn't been a whole lot happening here on the homestead the last few days. The heat has been unbearable with the heat index being 107 degrees, so we spend our afternoons lying about reading, resting, or watching tv trying to stay cool. I don't even want to think about's simply too hot! So I have started looking for cooler summer meal ideas.

Alfred is now a college man! He has started taking online college courses for information technology {computer programming, web design, networking, etc.} with Columbia Southern University. I am so proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone and expanding his world!

Wishing you all a Happy Midsummer Night's Eve!


Busy Grandma Elsie said...

Glad for you and him.. My daughter dies that and there is plenty work because all things use computers now.
Its being in the high 80's and low 90's here in Va. so I stay in side as much as I can.
Hope the heat isn't too bad next Saturday when I am having my tea party on my patio. My first one ever for ladies. I have done plenty with my granddaughters. Wish me luck.

Susan in SC said...

Good for Alfred! I am proud of him too! We have that same heat here in the upstate of South Carolina. Yuck!

sarah said...

Good on Alfred :-) It sounds like you are having a lovely time. PS, I hope the mail from me arrived?