Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Making It Lovely


I believe in making life as beautiful as it can be every single day, not just on special occasions or holidays. At times a little splurge is needed to spark new ideas and provide inspiration. I purchased a copy of The Girlhood Home Companion not only for myself but to share with my daughters, so they, too, will be inspired to create a lovely life.


I first saw Jeanne d'Arc Living {a Danish magazine} on Tracie's fabulous blog and had to have it! My ancestors hail from Denmark...perhaps that is why?


How much enjoyable our daily duties are if we pretty things up! Take, for instance, ironing... with an ironing board covered in a romantic fabric. It's pretty enough to be left out on display. Shabby~Roses~Cottage has a beautiful blog...check it out!


Embroidered pillowcases can dress up plain linens and add beauty to the bed.


How wonderful to serve dinner on lovely dishes and to hand-wash them afterwards.


A vintage milk bottle holding a flower or two fashioned to a laundry line adds a touch of beauty and romance.

Making things lovely is one of the joys of homemaking!


Genie Sea said...

Beautiful, delicate, graceful things. :) I will toast to making each day special :) I'm sure you do for your family, and you certainly do for us :)

Ariadone said...

Hello Denmark is a lovely country; we travel there. But the whole of Scandinavia is. There are many ladies with beautiful weblogs Jeanne dÁrc
If you like click on my blog in the right My favoryte blogs on Just Jeanette and her blog will show you many adresses. Today your post is lovely. Thank you
Be well

Sandcastle Momma said...

I love these ideas! Especially the ironing board. I HATE to iron and my board cover is a drab gray color. Maybe prettying it up will make the job a little more pleasant. Thanks for the ideas!

cathleen said...

I adore your philosophy, Tracy, and I agree wholeheartedly!

The Raggedy Girl said...

How lovely, each item so carefully chosen and all together. I so want simplicity in my life. I have been decluttering for close to six years now and it seems as if I am just beginning. Why is it so hard to let go and why why why does the item that was so important a year ago now seem silly and yet it is hard to toss it when you spent hard earned money on it. So simplicity and constancy are required.

The Raggedy Girl

amy said...

I love coming to your blog--there is always so much beauty here. And you've inspired me to take photos of embroidered pillowcases passed down from my grandmothers...

sarah said...

Tracy, your blog is like my morning sweet tea in a delicate cup, so beautiful and beautifying of the soul. Thank you thank you so much. And especially for the link to that magazine - my Rose will love it! I love it myself!