Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Happy Life

Very little is needed to make a happy life.
-Chinese Proverb

As I continue along the path of simplicity, I can't help but notice how much lighter and happier I feel. I am finding joy in the simplest things these days. As I strip away the excess, I am better able to see all the beauty and abundance that already surrounds me.

~ The love of a good man.
~ Children that teach me how to live in the moment.
~ The beauty of nature that surrounds me.
~ Fragrant hand soap.
~ Daydreaming as I wash dishes in hot water with bubbles.
~ Watching birds gather nesting supplies.
~ Blooming flowers.
~ Tasty, filling home-cooked meals.
~ A glass of milk and cookies.
~ Smelling my girls freshly washed hair after a bath.
~ Hugs from my son.
~ Chats with neighbors over the fence.
~ Receiving a letter from a friend in the mail.
~ Writing letters on pretty stationary.
~ A good pencil sharpener.
~ Sipping a refreshing drink in the shade on a hot day.
~ Cross-stitching in the evening.
~ Being up to watch the sun rise.
~ Drifting to sleep quickly after a good day of work.

...and many more!


The Raggedy Girl said...

I am hoping for three things today:
Joy and Peace and...
Getting my projects completed

The Raggedy Girl

Lady Laurie said...

Ah, what a beautiful list Tracy.
I am finding the more I simplify the happier I am as well. I am trying to abide by my rule of whatever new thing I bring into the house something has to go or be given away. I just bought three "new" blouses at the thrift store yesterday, so I had to go through my things to give away, it works pretty well...most of the time!
That lovely list of yours, those are the true things that make up a happy, fulfilled life ! Thanks for sharing, you put a smile on my face to start the morning !

sarah said...

Lovely as always :-) You warm my heart on a cold morning.

A Stitch In Thyme said...

Tracy, your list warms me. I too am trying like the dickens to get simplified. It's harder than I thought it would be but it's coming along. After our recent move it's been difficult with unpredictable days with my illness but i've not given up the fight. I've spent time painting, washing, clearing and setting up a spare room/showroom for my pretties.

I have to look at things and ask myself, "do I need it, does it serve a purpose and does really hold and sound sentimental value". If not, it needs to go.

I find one of my most favorite things is when my 22 years old son sends me an email to say "going to bed now. luv ya". Just like that. I know he's safe and hasn't forgotten home. :)

Woods Olde Homestead said...

Just stopping in to say hi...
you have a wonderful list there..
Sweet Blessings...

joanne said...

Lovely post.
I'm a friend of Sarahs, just followed your link here.
So fitting, as today I'm thinking of 'lightening' my load, and your list is just the right dose of inspiration.
Best wishes,

Jenn said...

This list sums it up. After a yucky day, such as I had yesterday, it's refreshing to browse your blog and enjoy a moment of peace.