Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gratitude List ~ Week 18

~ Seeing the smile on Alfred's face when I stopped by his work to see him.

~ Buying two new Bali bras {buy 1, get 2nd half off} and a magic clip that prevents the straps from slipping.

~ The look of the yard when the grass has been freshly cut.

~ Caffeine-free Coca-Cola - tastes as great as regular Coke, yet doesn't send me in into a full blown panic attack.

~ Being a's often a hard job, but also the most rewarding.


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

So glad that caffeine-free Coke works for you! So wish I could say the same for caffeine-free "coffee." -sigh- It's just not the same. -moan- -pout-

And btw, I must apologize for a link I left here in your comments, a couple of posts back. A link to a pic of 3 letters I'd gotten last week, in my 'Dear you,' blog. I'd not opened them all, when I took the pic. And I mistook the return address on one {it was from the South}, for your return address. And that's why I linked you to that pic. Because I thought you'd get a smile out of seeing a hidden view of your letter to me.

When I opened the letter, I almost *collapsed* of embarrassment! I certainly didn't want you to think that I was "hounding" you, for a letter!!!!!!!! I so apologize. And hope you will accept my apology.

What a *weird-o* I'd be, to "hound" anyone for letters. We write when we feel the fun of it. Not on a set schedule.

Happy Mother's Day...

Gentle hugs,
'Aunt Amelia'
Dear you,~
Aunt Amelia's Attic

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Though I've probably said this before... You do have such a pretty looking blog here. You make me re-think my pink background on mine. I'm seeing more and more white backgrounds, which just look soooooo pretty to me. I may have to take a hint and revert back to pure white, myself.

'Course, I'm always changing around, this or that, on my blog anyway. No one would be surprised. :-))))

'Aunt Amelia'
Dear you,~
Aunt Amelia's Attic

Genie Sea said...

Happy Mother's Day Tracy! How lucky your children are! May your day be beautiful like you. :)

The Raggedy Girl said...

Just stopping by to wish you a
Happy Mother's Day

The Raggedy Girl

Hibiscus Moon said...

I love those bras too...with the nippie-petals. ;) Did you get that strap at JC Penney's. Does it really help your posture they claim it does?