Sunday, May 03, 2009

Gratitude List ~ Week 17

~ Inviting a couple over for the first cookout of the season.

~ My rose-stenciled mailbox {photos to come soon!}.

~ The Parting by Beverly Lewis and Chamomile Mourning by Laura Childs awaiting my attention on my bedside table.

~ Discovering new blooms in the garden.

~ Seashells displayed in glass vases.


The Raggedy Girl said...


Have a wonderful Sunday. I wish I was coming for a cook-out!

The Raggedy Girl

sarah said...

I am reading Beverly Lewis at the moment too. I love the sound of your mailbox. I would never be allowed to do that here, lol!

Tammy said...

If I could I would vote you as the blogger with the best attitude!

I ♥ your blog!!

Visiting by way of Lady Laurie's comments!

A Stitch In Thyme said...

Beautiful post. Fast becoming one of my favorites!!

Love the watching for new blooms!!

Anonymous said...

I've just read Laura Child's latest book. I enjoy her mysteries a lot.
I can hardly wait to see your mailbox. I use a great big covered basket, with a flat back for mine.

Hope you are having a lovely day.