Friday, April 10, 2009

Wonder and Gratitude

Today kicks off the beginning of Spring Break and my home is bursting with family, games, laughter, conversation, music, and togetherness. It is my hope to create an atmosphere that fosters love, peace, security, a feeling of abundance, learning, and connection for my loved ones.

Anne Ohman's writings have been instrumental in changing my outlook on life and has helped me see the beauty of living in freedom and learning naturally. Her writings stir my soul and spirit and I come to the realization that our life is rich and full as we open ourselves to the possibilities and maintain our sense of wonder and gratitude.


Pamela said...

Hi, Tracy! Your writings about life, love and gratitude are alway so warm and beautiful. Thank you for sharing you life with all of us!

BTW: You can pick up your award at my blog. ;) said...

The picture made my heart smile.