Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Enchanted Place

There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again. ~Elizabeth Lawrence

I am thankful for my little half acre homestead. When we moved here it was an overgrown patch of land filled with junk, briars and weeds that hit mid-thigh. Nearly two years later, there are now plants and flowers and a soon-to-be vegetable garden.

The time and care I give to our home also extends to the yard and garden. It is my hope to create a magical, enchanted place for my children to run, play, dream, and be in touch with nature.

I like to point out new bird species I notice to the girls. Then we look it up in our field journal. Or we walk around the yard together noticing new flower blooms and growth. It is nice to sit outside and watch the clouds pass by and listen to the wind in the trees. It never gets old or boring to me.

I have many outdoor projects that I want to accomplish as the money becomes available. I want to build covered front and back porches, put in sidewalks from the porches to the driveway, clear away all the pine straw and leaves beneath the pines and plant hostas, put up a picket fence around the front yard, put up a mailbox, build a tree-house for the girls, and more!

Beauty is the goal, inside and out. I am not trying to achieve a perfectly manicured lawn. I like a little wildness and whimsy. My home and garden may never be featured in a magazine, so long as it brings a sense of comfort and security to those I love then I am content.


Genie Sea said...

You truly have a way of making everything enchanting. How lucky your girls and husband are :)

Raggedy Girl said...

I too have a little half acre that was overgrown with sage brush and weed. I try so hard to see what we have accomplished and not what still needs work. Around here so many of our neighbors seem to hate yard work and why you would get such a big yard in that case is a mystery to me.

The Raggedy Girl--Roberta Anne

Bobbi said...

I don't like a perfectly manicured lawn either - wildness and whimsy are the way to go. I have one acre and I am planting as many native plants as possible - some people call my natives "weeds", but they are beautiful to me!

cathleen said...

I like what you said...'beauty is the goal, inside and out'. That holds true for our souls, as well, and I see plenty of that going on with you, Tracy.

Lola Enchanted said...


sarah said...

visiting your weblog is always like coming to a lovely peaceful garden - and one that is indeed not manicured but with a little wildness and whimsy. I always love it here.