Monday, April 06, 2009

Catching Up

We woke up this morning to much cooler temperatures and a 15-30mph winds out of the northwest. It feels more like Autumn than Spring and this cooler weather will be with us for a few more days yet with the possibility of breaking records for April.

Over the weekend, I got the rest of my plants and flowers {chard, flowering kale, violas} planted with Kenzie's help. She is my little garden helper and is learning quite a bit about gardening. We also planted morning glories and moonflowers from seeds. Then my neighbor gave me a few purple heart plants! They will have to wait for another day, after I figure out where on earth I'll put them!

Kayla spent the weekend curled up reading Twilight. She finished it in three days and will likely start New Moon today.

Friday, Mama and Kendall left to go to Iowa to help move my sister, Chelsea, back down here. They were supposed to leave yesterday to head back home, but it snowed. Hopefully, today they will be able to leave. Please pray for travel mercies.

Alfred's birthday was yesterday. He is now 37 years old. He had drill this weekend, but we had a quiet celebration last night with chocolate cake with triple chocolate fudge chip about chocolate overkill...but it was what he wanted!

Now it is Monday - the start of a blessed new week. It is the time to slip back into my regular daily rhythms of homemaking and home education. Being on this new medicine, I go about my work more slowly and mindfully. I am finding comfort in this new daily rhythm.


Sandcastle Momma said...

You have to post pics of your yard soon. It must be beautiful and I can't wait to see everything.

Raggedy Girl said...

My two favorite times of the week are Monday morning--like a fresh start. And Friday evening--the whole weekend waiting to be spent.

Have a Wonderful Day
From Roberta Anne --
The Raggedy Girl

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Here, also... We are in a cooler spell. Worse today, since it's been rainy. Not a pretty April showers day either. But the sun will shine on Sun.

You are so lucky to have so many flowers though. Nothing here. Actually, we never plan things, until Memorial Day Weekend. That's our cut off date.

Happy to hear of another 'Twilight' saga fan! :-) Wonder how she'll like 'New Moon'? I'll be interested to know her reaction.

Actually, I'm nearly done re-reading 'NM,' because I didn't take my time, with it, first time. They're now making the film of it.

I hope all will go well with the travelers, of your family.

And a late Happy Birthday to Alfred.

'Aunt Amelia'

sarah said...

Ooooh that chocolate cake sounds divine!!

I hope your family's travels are safe and easy.

Genie Sea said...

Happy belated birthday to Alfred! :)