Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes in your yard will serenade garden creatures - squirrels, fairies and angels.
~Author Unknown

After a lovely afternoon out-of-doors, I returned inside with sun-kissed cheeks and a happy heart. It is still a bit cool, but it's been months since I've been able to spend time enjoying nature and soaking up the sun. Spring is slowly awakening from her Winter slumber.

Mama brought one of her favorite wind chimes, made by a neighbor in Iowa, down with her. It now hangs in my front yard. Its sweet sound is music to my ears as I adore them. I am hoping to add more to my yard in the future. I have a few wind chimes indoors as well. When the windows are open, they dance in the breeze. Sweet garden creatures, large and small, are always welcome are fairies and angels.

These days I wake up to a lively serenade from my feathered friends who have returned from their Winter travels. And we've had wonderful opportunities to observe the larger bird species, such as vultures and hawks.

There were about 15 vultures flying over the house and the creek yesterday. Kenzie and I watched in awe as they swooped low and around trees, finally settling in the trees on the other side of the creek bank. They have such a large wingspan and make gliding along the wind currents look so easy.

Today I watched a large hawk flying just over our property. He landed in the wooded area off to the back side of our house. I wondered if there may be a nest there? It certainly is odd to see these birds flying so low and close, but I watch with quiet fascination.

My children have gone shopping with Mama, so I have a bit of quiet time to myself for a few hours at least. It is a rare luxury for a homeschooling mother. I am off to prepare dinner and enjoy the solitude.

Wishing you the sweetest of dreams tonight...


sarah said...

I hope you enjoyed your teeny tiny vacation. I love your description of your day, and of the birds.

I wish I could have wind chimes here, but they drive everyone else nuts.

Joyful Days said...

What a refreshing and beautiful post. Thanks for letting us share your lovely moment.