Friday, March 13, 2009

Secret #10 ~ Living in Abundance with Positive Priorities

This is the tenth week in our blogging book study of The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women by Gail McMeekin hosted by Jamie Ridler. It's all about abundance and positive priorities.

An abundance mindset doesn't come easily to me. After my parents divorced when I was ten years old, we lived hand to mouth pretty much. Overall my childhood was good because of my Mama, but it would have been better if there weren't incessant money worries.

Essentially I have carried that scarcity mindset into my adult life. I tend to worry about not being able to make ends meet and becoming debt-free. And all of this recession/depression talk doesn't help matters. But I am diligently working on shifting my scarcity mindset to one of abundance.

My idea of abundance is having the freedom to choose the life I lead. For me, that means becoming debt-free {I have a plan in place}. It means writing, music, reading, stitching, painting {I've always wanted to paint and will soon buy the supplies needed once I figure out which medium I want to try...watercolor, oil, or acrylic. Ah, decisions!}, gardening, being out in nature, good food, living green-er, learning along side my children, enjoying my husband and children, taking each day as it comes, and being mindful.

A simple life of creativity.

And looking over my idea of abundance, I realize that I already have much of my ideal life. I do believe in practicing gratitude and choosing to look upon life through rose-colored glasses. I'm not hiding my head in the sand. I'm all too aware of what is going on in our world today. But I am embarking on a new journey of abundance and trust that things will work out for my good. Just call me Pollyanna...

One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats. ~ Iris Murdoch, writer


Her Speak said...

Hooray for treats! That was my favorite quote from this chapter. I totally understand the desire to be debt free--as soon as I graduate I'm putting a plan in place to get rid of that student loan debt!

Wishing you Much Aubundance and Many Blissings!~*

sarah said...

Hmm, this is the first time I've finally understood why Americans have such a horror of divorce. You don't really see that same horror or trauma here in my country, where women and children are better supported by the state in several ways. I guess divorce in your country often means real financial hardship, a profound change to the lifestyle of the children.

I think our country too is better set up to handle this recession because there is a real sense we are in it together, while Americans are each very much having to go it alone. You don't even get free health care!

I say all this to explain that I don't have the same dread of the recession as so many others seem to, but that doesn't stop me from appreciating the depth of effort and wisdom that goes into your positive attitude.

I believe if you can have such an attitude, everything really will be alright for you, because you will create it so.

Genie Sea said...

Your blog is one of my treats :)

Melba said...

Good for you!
Art supplies can be found relatively very cheap at craft stores. Try out a few mediums with the less expensive supplies until you find the one you like best. Children's art supplies work well too and are often on sale.

Cindy said...

I love your attitude -- It sounds as though you will be living an abundant life indeed!

I don't really look at it as being PollyAnnish or even looking through the world through rose colored glasses. I think of it more as this: Our emotions are affected by our thoughts, and I want to be as happy as possible. Therefore, I'm thinking as positively as I can. Some of my friends and family would definitely question this thought process, but ya know what? I'm probably the most consistently happy person they know!

Keep reaching for a better feeling thought and keep being as happy as you can, and you'll be amazed at what great things you'll create for yourself!

Lisa PN said...

A simple life of creativity.


Oh, do go and treat yourself to some pencil crayons or watercolours! What a wonderful tool in expression! I find that it connects me with when i was young. and could paint whatever i wanted and not worry about right or wrong. Perhaps a good place to start!