Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Why I love homemaking...

~ I am in control of the rhythm of my day.

~ I take time to observe nature & seasonal changes.

~ I can wear a pretty apron while cleaning and cooking.

~ I can whisk my kids off on a whim for an adventure!

~ I can take a nap or work on a craft in the afternoon.

~ My children can craft with me.

~ I can perform home improvements to add more beauty to our home.

~ I can learn along with my children and enjoy it.

~ I am there when my someone in my family needs a listening ear or a hug.

~ I have the time to explore thrift shops and find treasures to bring home to my family.

~ My children can cook and bake with me.

~ I set the atmosphere of my home.

~ I put my creativity to use daily within my home and in the garden.

~ I have time to look for the best prices on items we need.

~ I have time to nurture relationships.

~ I can listen to music while I go about my homemaking tasks.

~ I can work at my own pace.

~ I offer support, encouragement, and a soft place to land for my husband who willingly goes out into this harsh, competitive world to provide for our family.

~ With the most basic ingredients, I can prepare a feast for me family.

~ I am the creator of happy memories.

I wear many hats because I choose to and with that choice comes great responsibility. But there is also great freedom. I set the atmosphere of my home and build my house with the fruit of my hands. I am a keeper-at-home.


Raggedy Girl said...

You blog is one of my favorites. It is like taking a moment out of time and just getting a deep breath.
Roberta Anne

miss*R said...

you know Tracy, I have been a home-maker since i had my first baby 35 yrs ago!... lucky for me that I have not had to go to work. I love it and continue to love it even though all my babies have grown up.. and it is now just Joe & I... enjoy being a home-maker, a keeper of the hearth... a true goddess xoxo

Genie Sea said...

Why I love Tracy:

- She is an extremely giving and loving person.

-She likes to coat the world in a positive light with beautiful intentions.

-She always gives encouraging an supportive comments.

-She gives so many useful and amazing tips and perspectives.

-She is the creator of many happy memories.


Kavindra said...

Plus you are darned good at it and have alot of love and creative ideas you get to put to good use everyday. Lovely post.

Debra said...

Of course you know I LOVE this!! :)Blessings, Debra

sarah said...

This is beautiful. But then, really, I ought to keep a little file somewhere containing the words "this is beautiful" and simple copy and paste them to every post you write.

:-) said...

Oh that is so beautiful!

Lady Laurie said...

I love being a Homemaker...
I have gone to work part~time over the years, but it really never suited me or the family.
Thank you for such a wonderful post!

Penelope said...

This was a wonderful post...and I can relate to a lot of it. Being a homemakes is such a blessing!