Saturday, February 07, 2009

What If...

~ we maintained our sense of wonder throughout our life?

~ we woke up early and went to bed earlier?

~ we didn't go to bed angry?

~ we took time to smell the roses?

~ we reached out to others?

~ we used our talents instead of hiding them out of fear and insecurity?

~ we counted our blessings?

~ we were content with what we have?

~ we loved unconditionally?

Just a few thoughts I have been pondering recently...


Wanda said...

Very thoughtful thoughts. I think they are all valid and I do try to follow them plus others. I especially like the "stop and smell the roses" it implys so much more than just sniffing flowers. To me it means just take the time to know where you are and what you are doing and enjoy it. Don't rush thru life, live it. TTFN

Raggedy Girl said...

I do everyone of these things. The whole list. I stand amazed and in wonder at this world, I just started the bed thing, I gave up angry last year, I have roses to smell, I am always available for hugs, I make quilts and a home, I am over blessed, I have more than I need and I am working on being the nicest most loving girl on earth.
This was a good list...a happy for me list...Thank you!
♥Roberta Anne

sarah said...

Great thoughts :-) I do have an almost permanent sense of wonder and it does make life more worth living. Counting blessings, or going about always mindful of what you have to be thankful for, also improves life hugely. But if I woke up early I'd make everyone miserable and if I went to bed earlier I'd never get any writing done! Plus I don't actually like the smell of roses ;-)

But great thoughts! I know I will be thinking some of them through the day. Thank you for encouraging me to think.

Heather said...

These are wonderful questions. I think I'll ponder them too. xo Heather

miss*R said...

we woke up early and went to bed earlier - one of the principles of Ayurvedic medicine.. in bed by 9pm and up by 5 or 6. I find getting up early gives me time to greet the day, do my meditation and thanks.. and a lovely cup of tea, before anyone else is up. I love it.
oh and no tv at least half an hour before bed..

Anne Marie said...

Wonderful post-
found you at another blog.
While looking at that photograph and pondering what you wrote...
well, just wonderful....
especially after hearing what happened to Becky's son at sweet cottage is too short to be upset and worried.
Nice to meet you!!