Monday, February 16, 2009

Tending Your Dreams

When you open your eyes to beauty and open your heart to your dreams, you may find yourself saying, as the children's book author Tasha Tudor does, "but my whole life has been an entire vacation." Not only does Tasha, an octogenarian, garden profusely ("I just planted two thousand bulbs"), but she paints, plays with her corgis, writes, and does absolutely as she pleases.

She attributes her remarkably content life to being "born under a lucky star. I spot four-leaf clovers all over the place." But Tasha has spent years weaving dreams into the fabric of her life, so now the two are indistinguishable. "I don't ever make plans or keep a schedule," she says. She has known for a long time that life is full of promises to keep. And the rest of us are learning, too.

~Victoria magazine, January 1994


Raggedy Girl said...

I don't ever make plans or keep a schedule. OK those words make me want to weep. All I do is make plans and schedules. I am sick on this three day weekend that I thought would yield so much done and then nothing was accomplished and I am so irritated by being sick...big gray mushy weekend.

Roberta Anne

Anne Marie said...

Adoring nature is like adoring all God has created! Tash Tudor is a wonderful example of living life to it's fullest...taking care of her children...but HAVING FUN DOING IT!! Grea post.

Genie Sea said...

How enchanting! :)

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Wasn't she the greatest! Oh, to have a life like that!!

M ^..^ said...

Absolutely beautiful!