Monday, February 23, 2009

An old journal entry...

October 26, 2008
I want to lead an extraordinary life & make my ow rules. I don't want to live like everyone else. I want to be free-spirited. I want a simple life.

I just want to cook & bake, garden, read, craft, write, observe nature, sing, watch movies, talk with Alfred, laugh & enjoy my life, my home, and my family.

Times are tough right now & may get oven tougher. Sometimes I get real discouraged & want to give up. Then Alfred tells me to have more faith...

I want to be content with what I have & make the best of things. It's not always easy.

But even when I want to give up - something wells up within me....moxie? And it spurs me to get up & keep moving forward. By the grace of God, there go I...

However, I do get a thrill when I manage to score name-brand clothes for mere pennies or when I save lotsof money using coupons. It just bolsters my faith that we will be debt-free. These gifts from God encourage me to make a cozy nest for my family.

And I still have so much to learn! I still have a burning desire to make a difference i this world. It may not be on a grand scale...perhaps more of a legacy that I pass on to my children - to live by their ow lights, to pursue their dreams with passion, to walk lightly upon the earth (for this place is not our home) & to be as self-sufficient as they can. That being good, honest, and kind matters more than material goods and riches. That's a lesson I am still learning...

In essence, I want a well-lived life. To squeeze every ounce of joy possible from each day. To live with passion, from the heart. To connect with nature & the ones I love most.

So in order to have this extraordinary life, I now have to go live it! Spend less time thinking about it and planning and DO it! Take one day at a time & make it count.

I will smile at each new day & say yes to change, to possibilities, to passion, and to life!


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

All of which sounds like a marvelous plan. A plan with hope, even when times are tough.

Another Dear blogger coined the phrase... "We may be recessed, but we're not depressed." Neat hu? :-) Not always easy to put into practice. But at least, if we are determined to try, that's a good start.

And you are!

Aunt Amelia

Raggedy Girl said...

You seem to be in my head and I find things you write... like the "i jsut want to... and know that I could find journal entries where I wrote the exact same words. I so love your ponderings.

Have a Wonderful Day!
from Roberta Anne

Gypsy said...

What a beautiful post! From your writings, I feel that you are already living your well-lived life and there is so much more to come :)

My son is moving to Notasulga, AL...Have you heard of it?

Tracy said...

No, I'm afraid I haven't, Gypsy.