Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Notes from Whispering Pines Cottage

photo: Greg Smith

Editor-in-Chief Tracy:


The clock says: 12:58pm

The weather outside is: blue skies and sunny, but crisp...

Little scraps from my desk: Valentine card swap names, books, notepad, and pen...

Blessings list: New dish towels and cloths!

I am wearing: jeans and tee

What's in the reading basket: Be Anxious for Nothing - Joyce Meyer

Worthy to watch: Sarah: Plain and Tall trilogy

About town: the fruit and vegetable stand will be opening soon and there is a new church thrift store I've want to check out.

Music to my ears: My Praise by Phillips, Craig and Dean

Steps towards simplicity: Decluttering and being content with what I already have.

My idea corner: I will be limiting watching the news in favor of reading the Word.

Kitchen journal: chicken strips, baked beans, and french fries for dinner. Popcorn for a snack.

A home comfort: cozy blankets to wrap up in on chilly evenings.

Nature notes: I've noticed the robins have already returned and the red maple trees are beginning to bloom.

Prayer tablet: Deliverance from panic attacks...

On my mind: my beloved husband, Alfred...

Pondering these words: We choose peace or trouble...which am I choosing? Today, I choose peace!

Family frolics: a trip to the park is planned for Saturday when the weather is a balmy 70 degrees!

My praise paper: the gift of a brand new day!

Bible notes: Psalm 16:11 "You will show me the path of life; in your presence is fullness of joy, at your right hand there is pleasures forevermore." (AMP)

In my creative nook: nature sketches

A walk outdoors: It's been too cold, but soon...

Book report: The girls and I are truly enjoying Bambi's Children by Felix Salten. It has the most charming illustrations and makes nature really come alive!

Calendar additions: a doctor appointment for me Thursday at 9:30am

Parting words to the Society:
May brooks and trees and singing hills
Join in the chorus, too
And every gentle wind that blows
Send happiness to you.
~Irish blessing



I like that blessing! Nice post.

Blessings, Brook

the simple woman said...

Dearest Tracy,
Just going down my blogroll tonight and saw you had your society page listed...I just wanted to kindly remind you that these are not to be put onto blogs or websites. I am sure you missed the reminder I sent through the list earlier today. Thank you for understanding.
Many blessings,

Genie Sea said...

I really love this activity. I should do it one day :)

Tricia said...

i really have enjoyed my visit here this morning. :) in this post so many things spoke to me, especially the bible notes. i will be praying for you for relief from the panic attacks. a friend of mine got relief through EFT, that's emotional freedom technique. there is a great website explaining the technique and a free manual to download. i have been using it for other issues and it seems to be helping.

Raggedy Girl said...

What a lovely post, it was calming just to read it. Thank you.
Roberta Anne

miss*R said...

beautiful xo