Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Home Sanctuary

With the instability of today's world, we often feel we have little control over such things as the economy, fuel and food prices, and job security. But the home is under our complete control. The home is where we can let our lights shine and create a sanctuary for our families.

What does a home sanctuary mean to you? Perhaps it means clearing clutter, becoming better organized, or planning your meals. Reducing your debt or outside commitments. Make more time for creative pursuits. Or maybe you have decided to live a simple, greener life.

This is the day for us to create a peaceful home begin to take the steps necessary to create a home sanctuary. We must allow ourselves time. Time to work at our own pace. Time to think about our lives and the changes we wish to make. Time to allow new habits and a natural rhythm to form in the home.

In order for that to happen, we simply must slow down. We can not rush frantically through life and come out unscathed. Listen to your heart today. What is it you need?


Raggedy Girl said...

I love to come here each day and it is like picking a single perfect piece of chocolate to savor to read your posts. I want my home to be a sanctuary but I must be patient and see it as a journey not a destination. I have such trouble seeing what is working and tend to see that which isn't working.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
from Roberta Anne

sarah said...

What I need is a new home, lol!

But really, I love this post, so wise and beautiful.

Genie Sea said...

My home is my sanctuary. This is where I come to get away from the world :)

MrsFranklin said...

Totally agree here Tracy. I work part time at a bookstore. I love it but my last day will be Monday. Now, I dont work more than 15 hours a week and YET I was finding it harder and harder to get my self together to be more creative. The moment I turned in my notice, my "creative flow" started to come back. My meals are tastier and varied and I even finished off a project that I started last summer!

Said all that to say this. When your on a constant mill, always moving and doing, your ability to be still long enough to become inspired is truly stumped!

Thanks for the reminder.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Thank you for a very wise post.

What do I _need_?

I need to be content with what I have. I actually did an entry on this, a couple of days ago... :-)

Aunt Amelia
"There seems to be so much more winter than we need this year."
~Kathleen Norris

audrey h. said...

wow......I have been looking through your blog and reading your posts and they are wonderful. They really make one think. You write beautifully and the pics you show to go with your posts are perfect. I will make sure to come back to read more of your words :)