Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gratitude List ~ Week 7

~ Alfred sending me flowers & then two days later showing up on my door step in the pouring rain. How romantic!

~ Reading through my old copies of Victoria magazine from the early 1990's.

~ A trip to the chiropractor to align my spine.

~ Rain. We've had more than 7 inches so far and more rain is expected today. I am sure nature appreciates the good soaking they have received.

~ Crying tears of joy and crying as a release from all the stress I have been holding onto these past two weeks, trying to be put on a brave face and be strong, while Alfred was gone... and his holding me tenderly until I was all cried out.


Genie Sea said...

I am so happy for you that Alfred came home! How blissful! :)

Lady Laurie said...

Dear Tracy,
How wonderful that your hubby came home!
I am sorry I am so behind in my comments. I am glad to read that you are feeling better.

I love those old Victoria Magazines too ~

Love and Hugs))

Raggedy Girl said...

I am so glad that Alfred came home and that you made it though.

Roberta Anne

sarah said...

The weblog looks lovely, so clean and pure. It looked lovely before, too. :-)

Your husband is so romantic and sweet.

Love Victoria magazine, especially the older issues.

And you know I'm jealous of your rain!

Debra said...

Love your list and I'm so happy your hubby is home! Blessings, Debra

joan said...

Happy that Alfred is home and hope things are well with you. said...

What a lovely list!