Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Violet's New Life

Violet Young woke up long before the sun arose over the horizon. Wrapping herself up in her robe as she went, she made her way into the kitchen to get the kettle going for coffee and to get a start on breakfast before her husband, Tyler, woke up. She believed in starting the day with a good hearty breakfast.

With the aromas of sausage, biscuits, and country gravy wafting through the house, Tyler snuck up behind Violet wrapping his arms about her waist and with a quick kiss on the cheek, said, "That smells mighty fine, ma'am.", in his best cowboy voice with a twinkle in his eyes. "You best eat before it gets cold," she said with blush-stained cheeks. After all these years, Tyler could still make her blush like a school girl!

They sat down to a prettily set table and enjoyed their breakfast and morning conversation. They discussed plans for the day. For Tyler, there was Spring planting to tend to. For Violet, there was homemaking duties, chickens to feed, and to tend to the needs of their young children. Each day was full and satisfying.

It had been a year since they had moved out of the city onto their little farm. Their family and friends thought they were crazy, but they desired something more from life. They were no longer content to live unconsciously. So they had buckled down and paid off their debts as quickly as possible, while they built up their savings. In the meantime, they learned all they could about frugality and living as self-sufficiently as they could.

As luck would have it, on a Sunday afternoon drive, they stumbled upon a quaint farmhouse situated on a couple acres of land on the outskirts of town. The price was within their means as it was a sight to be seen, but Violet could envision a lovely home. It had good bones, but was in need of a lot of elbow grease, time, and tender loving care.

Then the real work began. The home and property had been uninhabited for several years. The grounds were overgrown with weeds and vines and the house was covered in a thick layer of dust and grime. They rolled up their sleeves and worked diligently from dawn until dusk day after day.

Most of the elders on neighboring farms chuckled as they watched the Young's humble beginnings. But one day, Joshua Phillips arrived on his bush hog to offer Tyler help clearing the property of it's underbrush. His wife, Eva, had followed in their old red pickup to help Violet in the house. They had not forgotten what it was like starting out. The Phillips freely shared their knowledge with Tyler and Violet and a friendship built on respect quickly bloomed.

It was hard to believe that a year had passed already, but Violet was happier than she had ever been. She had told Tyler so just this morning and he heartily agreed with her. "Every day with you, love, is the best day of my life." he'd said before he kissed her and started his work for the day. She smiled to herself at the recollection.

What was not to love about their new life? They lived by and enjoyed the fruit of their own hands. Their children were able to run free in the fresh air and sunshine, surrounded by nature. Though they were living lighter upon this precious earth, their lives were richer and more satisfying. They worked hard and sleep came to them easily each night.

The Young family considered themselves blessed for they were living the good life.


Jane said...

Awesome story! Sounds like a slice of peaceful paradise ;))

sarah p said...

This is really good. Really. An easy, peaceful, and enjoyable read - all things that are very important. It reminds me of A Pocketful of Pinecones by Karen Andreola. Is it part of your book? If so I hope you continue with it because it's going to be great. (Although lol, the dark side of me read the last line and thought, oooh yummy, she's set it up so nicely for some disaster to fall!)

Tracy said...

Sarah, no this is not part of my book. I just had the idea for the story yesterday and typed it out. Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Gypsy said...

I truly love this! I hope you add to it! I was able to see and feel your words!! I love that from an Author~

Debra said...

Loved it! At the end I wanted to say, "And then what happened?" :) Tell us more! Oh, and thanks so much for your comments at my blog. I really, really appreciate them! Blessings, Debra

carin.c said...

Wonderful story, Tracy! Lately I've been dreaming of a farm/country life like this one... and the wonderful husband to go along with it all would be nice too, lol!

Penelope said...

This is the perfect first chapter to a great novel. Maybe one about the town they just joined? Or their children and legacy, a sort of epic novel (and this is how they began?)