Friday, January 30, 2009

Secret #4 ~ Surrendering to Creative Cycles

This week in our book study hosted by the fabulous Jamie, we are surrendering to our creative cycles:

I had never paid much attention to the highs and lows of the creative cycle. In reality, I didn't even realize that is what it was. I just knew at times I was bursting with ideas and enthusiasm and at other times I had such low-energy and felt scattered.

When I am on the high end of the creative cycle, I tend to get things done that I have avoided. I feel good. I am optimistic.

But on the low end, I don't want to get out of bed. Thinking back, I need a bit more quiet and solitude. If it's warm, I go outside to sit and ponder life. I journal and get everything down on paper. I take more naps. I seem to focus more on self-care during these times.

I am wondering if our creative cycles are linked to our hormonal cycles? I think they very well could be.

I loved what Leah said during her interview with Jamie. She uses the low times to explore and refill the well so that when the high times come, she is full of creative ideas. It is a reminder to me that the low times have their purpose and it's not all bad.

What a relief! ;)


Bohemian Single Mom said...

Great post!
I love what you said about our creative cycles being linked to our hormonal cycles. I think you're definitely on to something here.
PMS is always a frantic period of creating for me, and then it tapers off into thoughtful journaling, resting and going through those very uncreative 5 days.
Yes, I agree, Leah's interview ROCKED!

8)(8 said...

I think this is an interesting series you are doing.

Jane said...


I often think of my creativity as both a curse and a blessing. I have been slowly emerging from a dry spell that lasted for over a year. It hurt and felt depressing that my creative side was so dormant. It's always been this way though. The cycles are always present. Last week I was talking to another artist who said he went through dry spells where he didn't pick up a paint brush for 20 years!

I'm trying to keep my hands and creative thoughts busy and honored a little each day. Sometimes when I'm at a really low point in the cycle, I'll make sure that I'm at least looking at a magazine or a store window or Etsy.

Gypsy said...

How interesting what you say about our cycles connected to our hormones. PMS has plagued me horribly for years. I once calculated that there is only 10 days when I feel *myself* out of the month. I have started to try and pin point this and change eating habits, rest and diet to help lessen the PMS symptoms. Beautiful post and something to think about!~

Sacred Suzie said...

It seems that you have gone with the flow of energy quite naturally Tracy, that's a beautiful ability. Very Zen and Taoist. I think energy cycles are important to listen to as well, including hormonal. Why fight against the energy when we can use it to refill that well inside?

Genie Sea said...

I totally think all our cycles are connected to each other and to nature's cycles. It's awesome to see the "low" as a gestation/hibernation period. I don't even like the term "low".

Lissa said...

I once had a Dr. say he didn't believe in PMS, of course he was male. There is so much truth in your post. Sometimes I wonder what the heck is going on & then I go, "Oh yeah" this might have something to do with it.Great post:)

esk said...

Interesting concept about our creative highs and lows being tied to our menstral cycles. I think you are on to something. I'm not thinking about being creative when I'm PMS-ing LOL

CynthiaMarie said...

O heaven's, I just love the look of your blog, so peaceful yet invigorating.

I forgot about the hormonal cycles, but isn't that the truth?

Your piece of art is absolutely stunning -- just beautiful -- I had a physical response of that tight chest close to tears from the emotion it evoked --
thank you for you

intothedawn said...

I react to my highs and lows much in the same way you do. And you've posed such a good question about the hormones! I've never paid attention to how that affects me creatively. It would be interesting to chart and see!

Lisa said...

Isn't it funny that this thought of creative cycles is almost new to us? You can almost hear the collective sigh of relief.

gemma said...

Your post helped me to realize how much we are all alike.

Kavindra said...

Oh I believe everything about the body influences everything about the spirit, and vice versa. Thanks for saying so.

I am so madly in love with this painting you did here. It is breathtaking.

etherealgraphics said...

It is reassuring as a fellow artist to know that a rest must follow the bloom of ideas in order for us to 'do it again'.

Penelope said...

I love the photo from this you mind if I still it for my blog?