Friday, January 09, 2009

Secret #1: Acknowledging Your Creative Self

"Your creativity is waiting for you like a dancing partner."
~ Barbara Sher

I am participating in Jamie Ridler's blogging book group on Gail McMeekin's book, "The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women. As I read the first chapter, several sentences jumped out at me.

"Painting, writing, decorating, and gardening emerged as glorious expressions of my awakened creative self."

"I had to acknowledge that I was indeed an artist at heart. I've always been intrigued by creative souls."


"Claiming my artistic self as a woman became the path to healing and recreating my life."

This is where I am on my journey. I had believed that in order to be considered an artist I would need to make extravagant crafts, make realistic sketches, or write exquisite poetry. I enjoy dabbling in these things on occasion and when the mood strikes - but perhaps those are not my gifts.

What if my gifts are of a more practical nature? Creating a lovely home on a budget, gardening, cooking mostly from scratch, baking delicious treats, embroidery, mothering, nurturing relationships...

I am passionate about music that moves me and speaks to my soul. I love to sing simply for the joy it brings and my husband loves it when I sing. I am never without a book in progress. I keep a journal religiously, but my dream...

For years, I have yearned to write a book. I begin and then trash it. It's not good enough. What do I know anyway? I am just a stay-at-home wife and mother. The excuses are a mile long. It is time to break free from these fears and move forward and unleash the creative longing in my spirit and transform my life in the process.


Gypsy said...

Thank you and I look forward to reading more of your journey. I have had some of those same thoughts as you wrote while raising my kids and wondering where I fit in, so to speak but now I see that we're all where we're supposed to be at this very moment in time~

pen* said...

tracy i love that you see your creativity in the simple things in life. how you ARE a creative being through your artful way of living (those baked treats sound divine!)

i too am a closet writer, maybe we can come out together?

Sandcastle Momma said...

You are a wonderful writer - when I read your posts I always feel as if I've been in your home visiting and I swear there are times I can smell what you have cooking LOL
You should let go of your doubts and write that book - I know it will be incredible!

Kavindra said...

Oh I can't wait to watch your journey over the next 12 weeks. (and what does JUST a wife and mother mean anyways, silly! There's an awful lot of creativity in there, and in the gardening, baking, etc, as you so wisely acknowledge!)

Look forward to reading your posts first, and then your book :)

TesoriTrovati said...

I just joined the group, but I don't have the book yet...and all of you write such amazing posts! I am so excited to contribute!
I really resonated with the idea of acknowledging that you are an artist at heart. Bringing forth your creativity and joy brings so much not only to yourself but others and who says that being joy-filled isn't practical? Can't wait to read more of your writing and doing a little writing of my own!
Enjoy the day!
Erin, Tesori Trovati Jewelry

Raggedy Girl said...

This is really interesting. I especially appreciated the part of creating a cozy home as being an artistic endeavor.
Roberta Anne

intothedawn said...

I am often a "dabbler" too, and hear that voice that says, "What do I really know anyway?" But instead of listening to it, I am beginning to be able to say-- HEY! We all have to start somewhere, and just because I'm new at this, doesn't mean I'm not creative enough to know what I'm doing! So I hope you will be able to let go and let your creative spirit out to play-- OFTEN!

The Muse said...

Artistry is the mere act of being human, I believe. For there are so many beautiful acts that we can achieve and by matter who we are.

I fully support your exploration...and hope you dive into each journey with GUSTO! :)

The Muse

sarah said...

Great post! I hope you do overcome your fears because I would love to read any book you wrote. :-)

Genie Sea said...

May you break free into the wonderful world of the creativity you yearn in its full potential!

I am looking forward to sharing the journey with you!

Lisa said...

Nothing takes more creativity than being a good wife and mother. I can sense your artistic heart every time I visit your pages.

KathrynAntyr said...

I can see from how you've set up your blog that you are creative and have a good eye for beautiful things. Living a creative life doesn't mean making stuff but in how we live.

Did you listen to the interview? I love how she talks about her inner muse and giving her muse a name and voice.

I too often fear putting myself out there and think my stuff may not be good enough. I'm working on taking risks and rather than worrying about what others think just play and explore and share.

Here's to a wonderful creative adventure!

blisschick said...


I've taught a lot of adults creative writing. These are people who have secretly yearned for their entire lives to write books.

The first thing we do is work through fears and feelings of inadequacy, which goes faster than you would think.

But my number one rule for them: FINISH. Just keep moving through it. The most important thing for a first time novelist/book writer is to know she can finish. Get to the end. Keep writing and DO NOT LOOK BACK. No editing allowed.

Hemingway's books could be a thousand pages long and then he would go back and CUT to get those slim perfect volumes we all know.

But he was a huge proponent of "JUST FINISH." Get your story down; you can "fix" it later.

You blog; you're committed; you can do this.

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh you so gotta kick that gremlin out the door Tracy. I KNOW you are a writer. With all my heart I know you are a writer. Yes, you are a practical artist in a lot of ways but you have so much more too. What you do with this knowledge is your choice.

BTW, you are so blessed to have a husband who likes hearing you sing! That is so beautiful.

Suz said...

You will find your bliss . . . perservere, that's all. Just keep getting back up, brushing yourself off and doing it. You can!

Caroline said...

Enjoy this journey...I look forward to watching you bloom :)

gemma said...

Your blog is very pretty. The dancing quote resonated with me as well.

Paula said...

Dear Tracy,
Thank you for sharing these quotes and your lovely thoughts! I feel just as you do. You have really encouraged me! Thank you so much!

I think you should write a book and I know you will do a wonderful job! As you said, "It is time to break free from these fears." Writing about your gifts, your passions and things that inspire you and bring you joy, are just the sort of things people want to read about... real life being lived beautifully and creatively and you are doing just that! So, I encourage you to keep writing your book!

Love and blessings,

Diana said...

It sounds like your on the right path. joining the 12 Secrets will help you open up to your creative self. you've made it to the first step! acknowledging that yes you are creative and enjoy being so.

laundrygirl said...

"What if my gifts are of a more practical nature? Creating a lovely home on a budget, gardening, cooking mostly from scratch, baking delicious treats, embroidery, mothering, nurturing relationships..."
This made me smile. My mom's gift is hospitality. I have seen her ability to create a meal and to nurture others with her good food and eye for detail. So, like Jennifer Lee I too think creativity is more than a painting or the ability to dance. It's anything that gives significance to an ordinary day.

Lisa PN said...

Oh, i do dream to be able to be able to create on a more practical nature! What a gift.

I just picked up the book "The Simple Art of Domesicity" and it's lovely, and deals with what you write about here!

I believe that living creativity is empowering, and hope that many realize how much of a gift it is.

Be well, and looking forward to sharing this journey with you!


chest of drawers said...

I look forward to reading that book!

carin.c said...

Don't trash any more of your writing!! One of my closest friends writes and is close to completing a novel she has worked on for three years! (her day job is being an admin asst by the way). All good books start out as scribbled notes, ideas, rough paragraphs and once assembled into an actual story it undergoes many, many rewrites, and often times lots of frustrating moments. Having a desire to write is half the battle - go for it!