Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rhythms of Home

The weekend is finally here! We've had an especially busy week with an extra karate practice thrown in and just life in general. When life seems hectic and is at risk of spinning into orbit, I graciously step off of life's carousel to regain my equilibrium and restore my inner peace.

It is time for the comfortable rhythms of home.

This morning I gathered up the dry, crusty bread bits to toss to my feathered friends. They waited in the tree branches, tilting their heads from side to side, curious by my actions. It has been so cold here the past few days and they are going through the birdseed in record time. I watched a buzzard glide just above the tree tops, so graceful and seemingly effortless as he was carried by the wind currents. In the distance, I heard a hawk's screech.

Now I can turn my attentions to my home's interior.

There is laundry to be done. What a blessing on a cold day to pull the clean laundry from the dryer - warm and fragrant. I inhale the scent and whisper a prayer of blessing, gratitude, or a plea for help as I fold each person's clothing.

Baking always draws forth from me the spirit of homemaking. Donning a homespun apron, surrounded by my mixing bowl, big spoon, and measuring cups, I provide nourishment for my family with by the fruit of my own two hands. At times I experiment, much like a scientist, adding a dab of this or a bit of that.

Today I will prepare my homemade hot chocolate mix and will bake cookies for my family. Even when the budget is tight, I can often come up with some baked treat for dessert. I try my best to create an atmosphere of abundance within my home. Homemade luxuries help with that. If Mama has made dessert, things can't be all that bad...

And with those thoughts, I will close for now. Wishing you a restful weekend. Stay warm and cozy indoors with happy occupations!


Kavindra said...

If mama has made dessert ... I love it!
What a cozy blog you have, and I imagine your home is just as warm.

And thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog. I have had people think I was a snob too! But now, I tend to chatter instead of being tongue tied - it's still shyness, just nervous chatter, but at least people don't think I won't talk to them (they wish I would shut up instead!)

Sandcastle Momma said...

What's with this cold weather? I thought we lived in the South! LOL
Baking on a cold day always makes a home feel so warm and cozy. And you're welcome to come over and work on my laundry when you finish yours LOL

sarah p said...

You have transported me to winter, and made me dream.

Jane said...

I love this glimpse of your home rhythms--they remind me a lot of my own (though we don't have Karate lessons yet :-)!). Gracias!

Genie Sea said...

Coming here is like slipping into warm, freshly laundered pajamas, and having some cookies and milk. *grin*

Raggedy Girl said...

What a lovely post and I really felt the rhythm of your home. I love to make dessert for my family. Little boys love to come home from school to fresh baked cookies.
Roberta Anne