Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Just Ask!

Down the road, there is an older couple who has a small hobby farm. We drive by there every day and love to look at the cows, horse, goats, and chickens. I saw the lady outside and stopped. I asked if she was still selling eggs. She is!

Then I asked if I could bring the girls down one day when they fed the cows so we could watch. We just happened to be driving by one day at feeding time and the cows were running across the pasture...It was the funniest thing! She said sure. She'd even let the girls help feed them. Then she said Red the horse needed some attention, too.

How cool is that? Country people rock! They are so open to sharing their lives and knowledge with others who are sincerely interested.

One day soon when the weather is nice we'll go up there to visit and see the animals up close. I had been telling the girls I was going to stop and ask her one day and I think they were surprised that I actually did it. Kenzie asked me if I was scared. I said I wasn't because the worst she could say was no.

It was another reminder that it never hurts to ask!


Lady Laurie said...

That would be awesome for your girls to help with the cows and horse! That would really be a great learning experience.
Hope you have a wonderful day.


Jane said...

We had a similar experience a few summers ago. We were in the middle of nowhere in this beautiful house in Vermont where my mom's cousin lives. We took a long walk down a country road to a neighbor's farm. The owner let my kids feed the horses and help with some chores. It was so simple and perfect.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I have a hard time asking, even though, I've tried to teach my son that same thing.

I think your children are going to love this experience. I had chickens and rode horses now and then as a child and I loved both things. Now, I'm watching my great neices learn to enjoy similar experiences. They have a big red horse that they visit regularly, and he is a sweetie. They love to feed him carrots and pet him.

Melissa Lester said...

What a neat experience, all because you asked! That's a good lesson and one we should all put into practice. I think it's easier for me to ask things on behalf of my children, but I wonder if I could have stopped to enjoy the farm if it was just me. Hmmm, I'll be thinking on that today.

Sacred Suzie said...

That is HUGE Tracy! Good for you and look how it turned out? Now you can get fresh eggs, get to know the farmers and your kids learn about life on a farm. That's beautiful!

I'm so glad you're going to look into Ina's book, I think you'll like it.

Penelope said...

I've had similar experiences with different parts of the country...people are kind and friendly all over! Many people are willing to help out a stranger, offer assistance or pleasantry, just for the asking (and sometimes even that isn't necessary). It's sounds like you had lots of fun.