Friday, January 02, 2009

Housework or Home-Caring?

All of the Christmas decorations are now put away and I have begun working on bringing back a sense of rhythm to our days. Our home is in need of a good cleaning and declutering, which began yesterday, but Rome wasn't built in a day! Day by day, bit by bit I shall accomplish my goal.

I am finding I love the old-fashioned, vintage look for its simplicity and charm. There is beauty in simplicity. My desire for my home is for it to be comfortable and cozy, to provide beauty to the eyes and offer rest for the soul for my family, friends, and visitors alike.

I am thinking that a shift in perspective will make a world of difference. Instead of just doing house-work, I will now be performing home-caring, going about my tasks mindfully, paying attention to the little details. Finding joy in the mundane...

I will look at my home with eyes of love for it shelters us from the storms of life. It is our haven from the outside world. I can make it a little piece of heaven on earth with a bit of creativity and lots of love.


Wanda said...

Tracy, I really liked your new idea about "house work". Home-caring, it is a wonderful concept, I for one hate to clean but I love to make my home pretty. Too do that you have to clean, but I conbine the two, I clean, so that when I decorate or rearange it looks nice For me that takes some of the "work" out of it.
Thanks for he visit,hope to see you again. TTFN

Lady Laurie said...

Dear Tracy,
I don't like the word housework either. Maybe because it has the word work in it! I like to call it cottage~keeping.
I love the bedroom in the last link ~ the sconce on the wall is so old~fashioned! I love the vintage look, because you just mix everything together and nothing has to look perfect. Most of our stuff comes from thrift shops, yard sales and antique stores.
I think our job as homemakers is so very important ~ we set the tone of the home and our mood really does effect everyone else.

P.S. I love the way your blog looks!!

Not Hannah said...

I came here via Chez Sacred Suzie. What a lovely, simple, interesting view of your life. Thanks!

Susan in SC said...

I love the concept of home-caring instead of house-keeping. I loved the pictures too! Thanks for sharing!

sarah p said...

I love this idea. It's actually quite beautiful. I love the vintage thing too - think so many of us do because we long for a more peaceful and intimate world.

8)(8 said...

"Home Caring" that's a nice concept. I have a thing for painted furniture, slipcovers and white too. I think Sarah is on to something in regards to the feeling it creates.

Raggedy Girl said...

This is the same thing I want. My Grandmother's whole life was about caring for her home. She loved it and I want to be that way too. I love my home and I love being in it. Little girls playing in little play houses and big girls playing in big homes. That is just the right fit for me and you too.
Roberta Anne

The Muse said...

"home caring" nanny called it "home lovin" LOL...isn't it amazing how changing the name changes the perspective!

i bet your home will be even more cozy now...i sense your enthusiasm!

Sacred Suzie said...

I LOVE this shift in perspective! I am working on re-viewing how I feel about homemaking too.

Our Christmas stuff is all still up! I didn't even get to baking the other day. I feel so heavy under this snowfall. Perhaps soon I will be able to get my butt moving.