Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gratitude List ~ Week 4

Photo: Abundance Highway

~ Our taxes have been filed and we're getting a smallish refund.

~ Russel Stover chocolates

~ The path of simplicity...

~ Lower phone & electricity bills for the month.

~ A menu plan for the week with all of the needed ingredients in my pantry.


Kavindra said...

1. I'm loving this photo

2. How did you lower your electricity bill?

3. Darn you! You have your taxes done? :)

Genie Sea said...

Lovely list and gorgeous picture!

You glow girl! :)

Tracy said...

Kavindra, keep lights turned off & unplug everything unnecessary when not in use. It really makes a huge difference!

Raggedy Girl said...

Your taxes are done. I am going to have to run to the beach and write "envious" in the sand.
Have a great Sunday,
Roberta Anne

sarah said...

The weblog looks great with this new look - like a page from a scrapbook. Very fresh and summery!

So wonderful to have everything you need already in the pantry! said...

This is wonderful! I may have to join you in this!